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Demi Rose

Demi Rose Shows Off Her Demi-Goddess Goodies In Mystic Shawl

By Jeff Mazzeo

Demi Rose blessed her millions of followers with some heavenly snaps!

The stunning model had her aura on full display on Monday. She shared some sultry pictures and let her devoted acolytes gaze upon her beauty. Rose wore nothing but a mystic shawl and covered her heavenly assets with her perfectly manicured nails. A golden snake crown sat gracefully on her head and she adored her slender digits with gold rings. She definitely had a goddess glow about her but she reminded her fans that she is still human.

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Yes, Goddess!

Demi Rose posing in Ibiza.

"Channelling my inner Demi-Goddess 🧡," she wrote alongside the glowing pics.

As you could have guessed, her devoted following was ready to worship at the altar of Demi.

"🙀🙀🙀you’re hands are in the way! 🤪🤪" a funny follower joked.

"I’m so in love with u, my dear goddess," a delusional fan commented while another said, "Whose your sugar daddy 😎?"

"You are a great beauty of women 😍😍😍," a third sycophant declared and a fourth wrote, "Beautiful Demi, keep up the awesome job and keep being the strong inspiring woman that you truly are. 💪💪😎😎😇😇😊😊"

Egyptian Vibe


The hot influencer loves to dress up and channel certain looks inspired by her favorite cultures. Demi often mentions that she is fond of the Egyptian Goddess Isis because she gave women equal power, according to a papyrus dating all the way back to the 2nd century of the Classical Era.

She recently got emotional when she finally received a custom sound-healing chalice that had Isis etched on it by hand in the mail. Rose has several items that are sacred to her because of their sacred nature.

All About Ibiza

Demi Rose in a multi-colored swimsuit.

She may be English but her heart is in Ibiza! The young star lives on The Magic Island and takes full advantage of the beautiful scenery. Her fans often have a hard time decided which view looks better and they love seeing the beauty through her eyes.

Demi legit reads books about the history, culture, and the colorful characters that have passed through the wonderful paradise over the years. One of her favorites is "Ibiza Bohemia" which was published in 2017 by author and famed fashion photographer, Renu Kashyap and travel writer, Maya Boyd.

You Get What You Seek

Demi Rose in a Fashion Nova dress.

It's no secret that Demi believes in Karma or at least a Western version of it. She hinted that one truly has power over their life and interactions in a recent post that featured her dangerous curves.

"What you seek is seeking you. 🧡✨" she wrote alongside the fantastic Fashion Nova dress.

It's a good message but you still have no chance if you are seeking the English model. A beautiful brunette on the Spanish island of Ibiza, surrounded by parties and beautiful people... it has got to be a fantasy. Luckily for Demi, every day is a fantasy.

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