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Farrah Abraham getting a facial injection

Farrah Abraham's $600 Facial Worries Fans Her Skin Will Fall Off!

Farrah Abraham / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Farrah Abraham may have had her last nip and tuck! The former "Teen Mom" star is once again being dragged on social media after sharing a very closeup video of her latest beauty treatment and worrying fans that her skin may be hanging on to her bones by a thread. The controversy went down over the weekend after Farrah took to Instagram and revealed one of the facial treatments she relies on to keep her skin healthy and glowing. However, fans felt differently.

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Facial Time

Farrah Abraham / Instagram

The former "Teen Mom" star revealed the video on Saturday of herself being treated by Dr. Raheleh Sarbaziha, who specializes in non-surgical treatments that can result in facelift-like results for her patients. Farrah appeared to be sitting for a facial contouring session, also known as Forma.

Forma is a non-invasive radiofrequency thermal treatment that allegedly enhances the natural contours of your face and provides immediate results.

The process ain't cheap though, and one session could set a customer back over $600.

The Pricey Treatment

Dr. Rahi holding hypodermic needle
Dr. Rahi / Instagram

Farrah Abraham revealed the process of herself undergoing the Forma treatment, which involves a heated wand being rubbed up and down the patient's face ... almost like ironing out the skin.

"Cheeky 💋 want you to feel me," Farrah wrote while tagging the doctors and aestheticians who probably comped her the treatment for the shoutout.

Farrah also mentioned that the trendy Los Angeles beauty hotspot was one of her "favorite" places, but fans had questions after seeing the up-close and personal process.

Too Much?

Farrah Abraham getting a facial
Farrah Abraham / Instagram

Fans had a less-than steller reaction to Farrah's treatment and seemed to be worried for the constant work the reality star is getting.

"What the hell is in her cheeks," one fan asked.

"Her skin finna fall off from so much stuff she be doing to her face unnecessary," another critic wrote.

"[Anyone] working on this woman needs their license revoked...its clearly evident she has severe body dismorphia [sic]...i wouldn't let anyone who touched her anywhere near me," a third person commented on Farrah's video.

Farrah Gets Support

Giphy | Face The Truth

Although many of Farrah Abraham's followers were teeing off in the comments, some of her true fans showed up to defend the controversial former MTV reality star.

After one fan noted, "Learn to love yourself. You're barely recognizable," it was met with a solid clap back from a Farrah supporter:

"she does love herself. She’s happy with her. Maybe you should be happy with you and stop being so judgmental."

Farrah Abraham definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, and although the haters keep showing up ... she will continue doing what she wants.

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