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 Chanel West Coast poses glancing upwards

Chanel West Coast Attracts X-Rated Replies Bouncing Badonkadonk In Gucci

By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast showing what her momma gave her is turning into one X-rated affair. The 32-year-old rapper and "Ricidulousness" star, fresh from flaunting a little cake in her Louis Vuitton swimwear, is back to showcasing the designer goods – this time, in another luxury brand. Chanel updated her Instagram ahead of the weekend with a little bounce-a-round in monogrammed Gucci pants. Her TikTok-style video, immediately a hit, has since been attracting some adult comments. Check out the post and replies below.

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Bouncing Into The Weekend, Like Woah

Chanel West Coast poses in a bikini by a lake

Scroll for the video. Chanel, taking a break from promoting her pandemic-penned "No Plans" track, was showing off her moves in a low-key way, seen standing on a curved cream armchair after a quick selfie video showed her mouthing, Tik-Tok style.

"You want me to throw my...? In a circle? How do you do that?" West Coast mouthed, then showing her 3.4 million followers exactly how it's done.

The revolving chair and West Coast twerking on it while clad in olive-green and logo'd Gucci sweatpants came captioned with encouragement to both "follow me on TikTok" and "VOTE."

Getting People To Vote?

Chanel West Coast poses in a swimsuit on a yacht

Keep scrolling for the video. Chanel, throwing in a cry-face emoji over the shameless self-plug, now sees a lot more comments over the badonkadonk than either her TikTok account or the upcoming November elections. In short, nobody was talking Biden vs. Trump.

"Great job" led the way, comments-wise, with the LOL Cartel founder – who will rant that she doesn't get enough Instagram likes – clocking herself a sweet 20,000 views in under 20 minutes. The MTV face also attracted her male fans.

Cheeky Replies On Star's IG

Chanel West Coast poses smiling and wearing pink

Comments have been upping the ante for the star who, back in June, complained her Daisy Dukes boomerang clocked 220,000 views – but her touring video sat at only 57,000.

"I'll bite you on your butt!!" one fan cheekily responded. Meanwhile, another, going a little too X-rated for us, wanted the rapper to perform her bounce somewhere a little more personal. The "Fantasy Factory" face, angry about her boomerang as 2020 kicked off, hadn't held back with her rant. Check it out after the video.

Backside Views Vs. Music Views

Chanel West Coast poses with friends in bikinis by a lake

Chanel had angrily written: "A video of my -ss getting on a plane gets 229k views yet a video of me performing all over the country gets 57k views. People are weird man."

Sexy updates, this year seeing Chanel go fully topless "just dodging Corona, like...," alongside being "bored" in sheer Gucci clothing, have also included Chanel's headline-making Jessica Rabbit corset look this week. Chanel even threw in humor, whacking on heels and claiming she's "12 inches" taller in photos versus real life.

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