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KeKe Palmer Tears Tory Lanez To Shreds Over Megan Thee Stallion Diss Track

By Ryan Naumann

KeKe Palmer is not impressed with Tory Lanez playing the victim on his new album and called him out on social media.

The actress shared a video of herself talking about Tory’s album Daystar. The album, released at midnight, is angry and defensive. Tory claims he didn’t shoot Megan The Stallion during the July incident. On the diss track, Tory raps, How the f— you get shot in your foot, don’t hit no bones or tendons?”

On Daystar, Tory talked about the shooting incident on virtually every song. Many people felt the whole album came off as “tone deaf” and he was profiting off violence against a black woman.


Keke was clearly bothered by Tory’s decision to trash Megan. She wrote, “I’m probably going to delete later but I’m seeing stuff like everybody is seeing stuff and I really hate how Megan’s word isn’t enough for some of y’all. I know “we weren’t there” but it feels insensitive to exploit the details of your relationship with someone in an attempt to excuse your own behavior and gain popularity.”

She added, “It feels the opposite of accountable, almost seems narcissistic and I think toxic if we as a society say it’s okay."


" I don’t wish bad on anyone! People make mistakes and can grow from them. However, not at the expense of someone who was put in a victimizing situation. Idk .. It’s not my situation but I just wanted to say that cause I know how it can feel when people don’t believe you.”

KeKe ended with this note, “P.S. A person can not say they love you and want to make amends with you but then put you in situations where you can get ATTACKED. That’s toxic behavior. How do they care for you when they set you up to be called a liar? Let’s acknowledge the discrepancy in that.”

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