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Demi Rose

Demi Rose's Giant Spaceships Are Out Of This World In Futuristic Pasties 'Fit

By Jeff Mazzeo

Everyone thought that Demi Rose came from heaven but could she be from outer space?!

The beautiful model flaunted her hottest getup yet on Wednesday. She dressed in a super revealing outfit that included long sleeves made of dangly metallic circles, and giant crystal pasties. Rose playfully strolled through a store to show off for her followers and to get the thrill of being exposed in public. Not many people have enough confidence to pull an outfit like this off but she has ample amounts of... confidence, if you catch our drift.

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Take Me To Your Leader


Demi did not hesitate to do a little shopping while wearing the sultry outfit. She probably got a confidence boost because she was surrounded by at least seven smoking hot friends. There is strength in numbers and all of their outfits were pretty skimpy. There are not many places in this galaxy where that is the appropriate attire but thankfully she lives in Ibiza.

"I love Ibiza," the cheeky model wrote across one of her revealing clips.

We haven't seen her wear an ensemble this wild since she attended Burning Man last year. She opted for heart-shaped pasties in 2019... simpler times.

'Only In Ibiza'

Demi Rose in a futuristic outfit.

Rose feels quite at home while on the magic island of Ibiza. Why, you ask? Because she is constantly surrounded by nature's beauty and the hottest people in the world. Plus, where else could you pull off such a crazy look... Venus, perhaps?

"Only in Ibiza," she captioned a sultry selfie.

She always shows the Spanish Island a lot of love and is constantly reading up about the history and culture of the island. Earlier this month, she flaunted her busty bookmarks while reading, "Ibiza Bohemia". It's a must-read if you want to win Demi over.

It Was Only A Kiss


Demi's wild night didn't stop there, she spent the evening enjoying the company of some very lovely ladies and even shared a quick smooch with creative director and swimwear mogul, Hannah Attalah. She's gotta rake in the dough when Rose models one of her cute suits so a kiss is the least she can do.

Brings a new meaning to butterfly kisses... we like Demi and Hannah's version a lot better! It's pretty cool that Demi spreads the love around amongst friends (friends doesn't mean you but keep dreaming).

Express Yourself

Demi Rose in a little black dress.

They say that fashion is the ultimate form of expression but what is Demi trying to express with her little black dress?! They also say a picture is worth a thousand words but only one word comes to mind when we look at Demi's sultry shot. She recently said that she is "Bringing sexy back 🖤" but her fans were quick to let her know that always had that special something.

"it never left," an impressed follower wrote, referring to the Timberlake song. Another said, "Omgg Demi 😍😍."

"I bet I’d look good in that," a funny fan joked. "damn bae why u crop me out the picture?😔."

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