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Nastia Liukin poses in bikini and hat

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Flaunts Massive Thigh Gap In Miniscule Shorts

By Rebecca Cukier

Nastia Liukin's insane thigh gap needs to be seen to be believed. The 30-year-old former Olympic gymnast, this year telling fans she isn't too old to wear a leotard, has been proving that she isn't too old for skimpy spandex either – furthermore, that a Russian-born gymnast can be right at home in the stunning Montana wilderness. The five-time Olympic champion updated her Instagram on Tuesday with a little doggy love, a lot of leg, and a massive reminder of her flawless body. Check it out below.

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Legs The Limit

Nastia Liukin poses smiling in jeans and a pink cardi

Keep scrolling for the photos. They come as Nastia makes headlines both for going shirtless by a dumpster to promote environmental awareness and, far more wowing, stretching her swayback legs during a deep-soaking bubble bath – that one came as promo, with Nastia plugging popular skincare brand Olay.

Yesterday's photos, shared with Nastia's 1 million followers, showed her with her dog Harley and out on a Montana hiking trail. Nastia, largely seeming smitten by her dog, was nonetheless wowing her fans with her look.

We Did Say Thigh Gap

Nastia Liukin poses hiking in shorts with her dog

Keep scrolling for more photos, plus a video of Nastia back-flipping across her kitchen counter to get you to mask up. The gymnast, seen in high-waisted and tiny black shorts, was also rocking a matching and cropped sweater, plus a lowered bandana face covering and simple black baseball cap.

Further images saw the bandana amusingly fashioned into a scarf for dog Harley, with the last snap showing Nastia running up the trail and photographed from behind. "Adventure Harley," Nastia wrote for a total 20,000+ likes – cut her some slack, she isn't a Kardashian.

Stuns In The Bath And Gets Paid For It

Nastia Liukin poses stretching in a bath

Nastia has had her influencing potential picked up on. Her post five days ago was a paid parternship with Olay, with Nastia's killer leg stretch seeing fans joke that they totally do that in the bath, too. Nastia wrote that she was "bringing back the bubble bath in 2020." then saying that "bodycare is the new skincare." She abided by Instagram's required #ad.

"Definitely tried doing that in my tub recently. I think I pulled a muscle 🤣😭," a fan had jokingly replied. More after the video.

Why Her Current Gig Is Just Like The Olympics

Nastia Liukin poses in a red top indoors

Nastia isn't lounging around all day stretching on Instagram. The gymnast is running empowerment startup The Muse Collective. For Nastia, who retired from professional gymnastics aged just 22, the gig is basically like the old one.

"Whether you're starting your own business, you're part of a startup, or you're raising a round of funding, you have to have the blood, sweat, and tears just like I did training for the Olympics," she said. "That's how you have to feel every single day."

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