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Chanel West Coast poses cheekily laughing

Chanel West Coast Upgrades Her Stripper Platforms In Skimpy Balcony Showoff

By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast only does high-end luxury these days – so it would seem. The 32-year-old rapper and "Ridiculousness" star, fresh from double-whammying her Louis Vuitton swimwear, updated her Instagram today with more designer merch. Chanel, who fronts affordable clothing brand Fashion Nova, was showing off her taste for the finer things, with her post doubling up as a "bossy" one as she posed from an indoor balcony.

Chanel also appeared to have heeded the words of a fan recently telling her to "stop" promoting her pandemic-dropped single. Check it out, plus photos, below.

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Getting 'Bossy In That Balmain'

Chanel West Coast poses in a corset outdoors

Scroll for the latest shots. West Coast, appearing to take a giant leaf out of reality queen Kim Kardashian's books, had picked luxury designer Balmain for this post – "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star Kim is currently fronting media outlets for wearing the brand's monogrammed and vintage designs from head to toe.

Chanel was photographed flaunting her killer legs in hot pink and satin shorts with metallic chains hanging from them, also wearing a "BALMAIN PARIS" t-shirt, plus snazzy, silver, and platform-heeled sandals.

Filling Up The 'Gram With Designer

Chanel West Coast poses in heels and a Balmain shirt

Keep scrolling for the "Louis V in the sea" swimsuit – when this girl flaunts her cake, she flaunts it. Chanel, both crouching down and seen posing standing and near railings, captioned her photos: "Bossy in that Balmain." An edit then asked fans to pic the first or second image.

Basically, it's never dull on this girl's Instagram – and off it. Chanel turning 32 recently saw the LAPD shut down her birthday party, with the LOL Cartel founder filmed yelling at the cops and telling them to go find a bigger party if they wanted to help fight corona.

Instagram Removes Bikini Shot, She Reposts It

Chanel West Coast poses with friends in bikinis by a lake

Headlines from West Coast might largely center around her pandemic-released "No Plans" track this month, but summer 2020 has been anything but dull for her. The MTV face made headlines in August for a bootylicious bikini shot featuring three girlfriends, but the hoopla wasn't over the bikini bodies. Chanel, herself shocked, announced that someone had reported the snap leading to it being deleted – she couldn't understand why, writing:

"LMFAO....REPOST because this post was removed for “bullying and harassment” can someone explain what in this photo is bullying or harassment? 😂 "

Stuns In Bikini From $50 Million Mansion

Chanel West Coast poses in a swimsuit on a yacht

Chanel has spared no expense for her latest "No Plans" track. The release, now complete with a music video seeing West Coast flaunt her bikini body in a $50 million mansion, far exceeds the low-frills vibes manifested with her now-viral "Corona Rap."

"No Plans" follows high-profile 2019 releases from West Coast including the dominatrix-inspired "Sharon Stoned," Western-style "Old Fashioned," and retro "Anchors" seeing the rapper in a pin-up swimsuit. Bringing no music, but plenty of buzz, have been September photos of Chanel channeling her inner Jessica Rabbit in a corset and elbow gloves.

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