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Katharine McPhee Goes MIA After Being Dragged By LGBT Community For Reportedly Donating To Republicans

By Ryan Naumann

Katharine McPhee has gone radio silent after her alleged donations to the Republican party have been called out by the LGBTQ+ community.

Jezebel broke the story, according to Federal Election Commission’s records, a woman named Katharine McPhee made two separate donations in 2020 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is focused on electing Republican senators and helping maintain their majority in the Senate. The donations totaled $500.

The outlet pulled the records which show the Katharine that donated is a self-employed singer who lives in Los Angeles.

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The “Smash” actress, who has courted a gay fanbase for years, has yet to address the alleged donation. The comments on her social media are currently turned off. It’s been 5 days since the usually active social media user posted on Instagram. Her Twitter account has been inactive too.

Over the years, Katharine has tried to garner support from the LGBTQ+ community. Back in 2018, she posted a video before her Broadway debut in which she spoke to her “gay boys."


She said, “Hi my gay boys. I’m here in my dressing room putting makeup on. I’m such some of you know about that. I’m getting ready for my Broadway debut and I hope you guys will come. Because I’m going to give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of.”

Many of her now-former fans were quick to drag Katharine on social media. One wrote, “Y’all are so surprised to learn that Katharine McPhee is a Republican as if you didn’t already know she’s a Karen.”

“So Katharine McPhee donates to the GOP and Hugh Jackman is best buds with Ivanka & Jared. Any other musical theater types out there I need to immediately un-stan?,” wrote another.


One wrote, “Katharine McPhee said hi my gay boys but she doesn’t want the gay boys to have rights :/”

Another asked, “okay, now that we know Katharine McPhee is a republican, which one of you New York/LA media gays is gonna expose who does her social media?”

“i leave twitter for a day to walk up some hills and katharine mcphee gets outed as a republican? i’m so tired of this,” joked one person.

One threw shade, “since katharine mcphee was outed as a republican i dont feel bad for saying this: was smash supposed to feel like a competition??? like meghan hilty was SOOOOO clearly the better marilyn, were we supposed to think katharine stood a chance?”


“Katharine McPhee being so broke that she’s donating hundreds to the Republican Party Loudly crying face pleaseee,” joked one user.

Another wrote, “So @katharinemcphee is a republican?????? I guess I’m not shocked considering she is married to a 70 year old millionaire.”

“I have always disliked Katharine McPhee and now I feel VINDICATED,” said one never-fan. One person didn’t hold back writing, “If you’d have told me on May 24, 2006, when they named Taylor Hicks the new American Idol over @katharinemcphee , that America had actually made the right decision, I woulda smacked you across the face.”

36-year-old Katharine, a runner-up on “American Idol”, is most famous for marrying 70-year-old music producer David Foster.

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