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Jessie James Decker poses with paper towels under her arms

Jessie James Decker Fights 'Sweating Problem' In Kitchen Undies

By Rebecca Cukier

Jessie James Decker herself is saying "What the hell?" The 32-year-old country singer and reality star, fresh from going nude in heels for a spaghetti shout-out to her new cookbook, is now approaching the kitchen Instagram posts from a different angle.

Jessie updated her account this week with a rather humorous photo of herself with a sweaty pits problem. The "Jessie & Eric" star, brave enough to pose in nude undies and with paper towels under her armpits, explained what was going on. Check it out below.

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'My Sweating Problem Is Back'

Jessie James Decker poses for a selfie in sweats at home

Scroll for the photo. Jessie, followed by 3.2 million, had posed for a very pared-down snap amid wooden kitchen floors and backed by her stove. The "Just Feed Me" author, currently retailing her cookbook at Target, was seen standing looking right at the camera and wearing flesh-colored shapewear, plus a cute pair of shorts from her Kittenish clothing line.

The focal point, clearly, were the white towels under Jessie's arms. The star, standing in fluffy pink slippers, then threw out a caption.

'All Jokes Aside'

Jessie James Decker poses with paper towels under her arms

A caption from the mom of three got super-honest ‒ and funny.

"An Hour later... reality sets in 😂 all jokes aside. My sweating problem is back WTH whyyyyyyyyyy😩"

Jessie's fans, this year slamming her for a racy underpants photo also featuring her son, were seemingly in the supportive mood for this post.

"Look up MiraDry! It actually destroys the sweat glands. Life changer," one fan wrote. The humor didn't get past the followers, though. While one replied: "Hahahahaha," another simply threw out emoji: "😂😂😂😂."

Fancy Pants Responses Come In


Jessie did seem to land on someone who knew their stuff. The South Beach Diet face, who tends to dish out the advice herself, was told:

"Girl I can help you! Hyperhydrosis? Usually a pathogen is behind dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system."

Way more glamorous and bringing in way more likes, have been Jessie's sizzling bikini updates this year. The clothing designer and workout queen actually admitted that she hates working out. Doing so with chiseled abs and ripped thighs? Well, you be the judge with the bikini shot below.

Says She Hates Working Out

Jessie James Decker poses

On September 1, Jessie took to Instagram with the above bikini shot. The blonde opened, writing: "Gonna be honest... I hate working out. I dread it."

" I’m one of those girls that watches the clock and counts down to the last second when I can be done. I wish I enjoyed it," Jessie continued, then adding that running was a "hate," but that the Stairmaster was something she can tolerate. Jessie famously dropped 25 pounds on the South Beach Diet, now fronting the popular brand alongside 23-year-old reality face Savannah Chrisley.

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