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Kate Beckinsale wearing sunglasses

Kate Beckinsale's Kitty Can't Handle Star's Naked Sleeping

Kate Beckinsale / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Kate Beckinsale, and her choice of sleepwear, would probably be welcomed into the bedrooms of many fans and admirers ... however, her cat is not one of them. The "Underworld: Evolution" star took to Instagram on Monday evening while making her way to bed in the buff. It's not a bad way to beat the heat, as the soaring temperatures during the last few days of summer created sweltering heat near Beckinsale's home in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the star's pet kitty wasn't feeling the vibe.

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The Claw-ful Reception

Kate Beckinsale's cat, Clive
Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

47-year-old Beckinsale is not shy when it comes to social media, as she regularly shares provocative and embarrassing situations she ends up in due to her crazy pets. Her most recent display of loving pet ownership comes from her cat, Clive.

"Seeing me strolling into bed naked is one of Clive’s least favourite sights. Which is insulting because he’s always keen for a maggoty dead pigeon," Beckinsale wrote alongside a photo of her cats sprawled out on her bed.

In the pic, Clive can be seen eyeing a presumably nude Beckinsale and showing an obvious sign of dissaproval.

Judgment From the Furry Crowd

Kate Beckinsale's feet and her pets
Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

It's not the first time Kate Beckinsale's at-home nudity has caused an uproar among her furry friends. Earlier this year, the star received a bikini wax that drew the attention of the other members of the household.

"No kidding this bikini wax I just got drew a bigger audience than at least four movies I have done. Also my performance was described as 'shattering', 'visceral' and 'edge of the seat stuff'. So I’m pleased," Beckinsale wrote while revealing all her pets lined up at her feet taking in the show.

Pain In The Butt

Kate Beckinsale's cat with packet stuck to rear
Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

Luckily, Kate Beckinsale sometimes gets the upper hand on her pets as the felines often find themselves in precarious situations that find their way onto social media ... like the time poor Clive was shown with a little Vitamin C issue.

"Trying to be healthy but really bottom line we are the type of family who go around with a vitamin C sachet stuck to our anus," Beckinsale captioned the photo of her cat with a packet stuck to its bum.

Lover of Animals

Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

Kate Beckinsale's relationship with the animal kingdom is truly magical, and they love her just as much as she loves them. Last November, she highlighted a particularly randy french bulldog that would not quit at giving the star a good leg hump while she was sitting for a highlighting session.

The determined little pooch got to the "Underworld" star at all angles and quickly went viral for the Doggystyle display of affection.

That lucky dog has been hailed as a legend among his furry peers.

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