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Lady Gaga's sultry selfie on Instagram

Lady Gaga Bares Her Teeth For A Monday Selfie Making Instagram Emotional

Instagram | Lady Gaga
By Rima Pundir

Lady Gaga just made Instagram’s Monday brighter by pulling off the sunniest smiling selfie yet, and fans’ happiness quotient rose by a lot.

34-year-old Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta took her stage name from Freddie Mercury’s hit, "Radio Gaga" when it was suggested to her by a friend, and since her launch, her music and fan following has known no bounds.

She has 44 million followers on Instagram and fans were only too happy to comment on her gorgeous and happy smile…

Posed But Perfect

Lady Gaga's sultry pic on Instagram
Instagram | Lady Gaga

Known for her over the top dressing sense and weirdly-shot videos meant to create a shockwave, most of Gaga’s posts go like this, and she captioned this picture as, “Holdin’ on so tight to this status, it’s not real but I’ll try to grab it 🚨”

Of course, fans appreciate this as well with one writing, "You are driven by passion, passion drives success. I am glad to see your daily Success and achievements. Keep rocking, Best of luck queen”

Another fan exclaimed, “Oh my gaga"...


Mental Struggle Survivor

Lady Gaga's sultry selfie on Instagram
Instagram | Lady Gaga

Gaga also recently opened up about her mental struggles with a short film, writing, “this short film is very personal to me, my experience with mental health and the way reality and dreams can interconnect to form heroes within us and all around us.”

Fans appreciated her sharing her struggles and it gave them inspiration. Wrote one, “So absolutely stunning — thank you so much for showing us all how to create from our places of pain”.

Here’s a snippet of the short film, viewed by more than 3 million of her fans.

Isn't That A Pretty Smile?

Lady Gaga smiles for a pic on Instagram in a bikini
Instagram | Lady Gaga

While this is not the picture that has the whole of Instagram flipping, Gaga does look incredibly pretty in this relaxed bikini pic, and rather happy as well.

Fans sent in appreciative comments like, “aren’t you the Academy Award, Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter/actress that just dropped the best album of 2020 along with 3 amazing music videos?”

To see Gaga look happy like this is a rarity because her usual pictures are far more posed and pouty.

She is smiling in these behind the scene pics for Valentino as well though... 

Gaga's Happiness Is Infectious

Lady Gaga's sunny selfie on Instagram
Instagram | Lady Gaga

This picture has clocked over 2 million likes already, and Gaga looks relaxed and casual as she announced her arrival in New York.

Wearing minimal makeup with an off-shoulder jumper in cream, Gaga looked gorgeous.

Wrote a fan, “I'm crying, you're so perfect, I wish I was like you pls 😭🥺❤️”

Wrote drag queen Aquaria, “Aw this made me probably too happy tbh 🥺❤️” and got a reply, “her smile makes me so happy, I relate ❤️”.

Here’s more of that prettiness in a perfume-wrapped song…

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