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Bella Thorne brushing her hair out of face

Bella Thorne Continues OnlyFans Push With Smoking Topless Shots

Bella Thorne / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Bella Thorne is not giving up on her push to become the top content creator on OnlyFans, regardless of the outcries from the sex workers community over the harm she caused and the butterfly effect it had on the rest of the platform for many who rely on the subscription-based site as a sole source of income. Bella took to Instagram on Sunday evening and teased her over 23 million followers with some new shots as she continued to promote her OnlyFans page.

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Back On The Grind

Bella Thorne in open jacket
Bella Thorne / Instagram

"Swipe up," the "Babysitter: Killer Queen" star told fans while casually smoking a joint and covering up with only a jacket covered in what appeared to be abstract art. The 22-year-old star did not try to hide her curves from underneath the jacket, but is going to make people pay more if they want to see more. However, Bella does not plan on showing anymore as the actress already caused a stir when many of her OnlyFans customers felt they were getting ripped off when the star didn't deliver nude content.

Pushing Through After Drama

Bella Thorne / Instagram

Bella was forced to deliver a mea culpa back in August after she caused a splash on OnlyFans and collected over $2 million in just a matter of weeks.

The star was later accused of misleading fans when her uncensored content turned out to be nothing more than PG-13, even after charging a premium from fans, who were demanding refunds. The effect it had on the platform was catastrophic, causing delays in payments to other content creators and ultimately limiting how much they were able to charge from their own fans.

Trying To Make Things Better

Bella Thorne / Instagram

Bella Thorne later went on social media and apologized for the drama, while also claiming she was going meet with OnlyFans execs and try and make things right.

"Remove the stigma behind sex, sex work, and the negativity that surrounds the word SEX itself by bringing a mainstream face to it that’s what I was trying to do, to help bring more faces to the site to create more revenue for content creators on the site," Thorne wrote on Twitter.

Using Her Platform

Bella Thorne / Instagram

Thorne believed she was going to help the other content creators on OnlyFans, writing:

"I wanted to bring attention to the site, the more people on the site the more likely of a chance to normalize the stigmas, And in trying to do this I hurt you. I have risked my career a few times to remove the stigma behind sex work, porn, and the natural hatred people spew."

"I am a mainstream face and when you have a voice, a platform, you try to use you in helping others and advocate for something bigger than yourself. Again in this process I hurt you and for that I’m truly sorry," Thorne wrote.

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