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Cardi B in the 'WAP' hallway scene

Cardi B Breaks Silence On Divorce, Allegations Offset Impregnated Another Woman

By Rebecca Cukier

Cardi B has broken her silence on the divorce that basically broke the internet earlier this month. The 27-year-old "WAP" rapper filing for divorce from 2018-married husband Offset propelled her to front-page news on September 15, with rumors since exploding over the Migos rapper having cheated – even extending to him getting another woman pregnant.

While Cardi's team was reported to have denied claims Offset, father to Cardi's 2-year-old daughter Kulture, impregnated another woman, the hard-hitting "Hustlers" star had yet to speak for herself. Check it out below.

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Goes On Instagram Live To Talk About It

Cardi B poses poolside in a bikini

Cardi spoke on Instagram Live to set the record straight on how she's doing, plus the rumors.

"I want to say thank you so much. However, like, I don't really need it. I'm okay. I want to let you know I have not shed not one tear," the Fashion Nova collaborator said.

Offset, who has fueled cheating rumors in the past and was heavily trolled on Twitter as the divorce news broke – "No more WAP for you," fans wrote – was then spoken of in the context of those cheating allegations.

Did He Get Another Woman Pregnant?

Cardi B posed straddling Offset

Cardi continued:

"This time, I wasn't crying. Wanna know why? The reason my divorce is not because of none of that sh-t that ever happened before. It's not because the cheating. I'm seeing people [saying] "Oh, he has a baby on the way." That's a whole f-ing complete lie."

Cardi then revealed that she and Offset had called it quits because they couldn't stop arguing. The "Press" rapper told fans that she "got tired of f-cking arguing" and not "seeing things eye to eye."

Fans Troll Offset – 'No More WAP For You!'

Cardi B walking hand-in-hand with Offset

Cardi, largely thought to have alluded to Offset cheating in her "Be Careful" track, now sees the father to her child being mega-trolled on social media. Jokes centering around the Billboard no. 1 "WAP" track with 25-year-old Megan Thee Stallion seemed inevitable – today's report from The Daily Mail likewise sparked support for Cardi.

"I respect her 4 walking away, you can love someone so much but you have to put your own happiness and the child before any man. She will do better without him," one fan wrote. More below.

Offset's Big Gestures Not Enough?

Cardi B poses in a bikini and heels

Cardi and Offset, who had split in 2018 shortly after the birth of daughter Kulture, have had their ups and downs. Cardi has accused him of infidelity in the past – indeed, her saying it "wasn't" the cheating in her IG live seemed to confirm that her man had been unfaithful.

Offset made a series of big gestures to win Cardi back amid rockier times in the past, including crashing her "Rolling Loud" festival with a "Take Me Back Cardi" sign made of roses. At the time, Cardi rejected the apology.

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