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Demi Rose poses with wet hair

Demi Rose Stripped Down Revealing Apple Bottom Backside Secret

By Rebecca Cukier

Demi Rose's ultra-curvaceous and bare booty secret just got revealed – in a rather exposing way. The 25-year-old model and social media sensation updated her Instagram stories over the weekend with a reminder that being blessed from above is half the work – a little treatment never hurt, although Rose is largely adored for having the wildest natural curves on Instagram.

Demi, followed by 14.6 million and once weighing only 80 pounds as she suffered from an eating disorder, dished health and beauty today. She also didn't fall short on the wow factor. Check it out below.

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Strictly Non-Surgical For Bikini Bombshell

Demi Rose poses in a bathroom in a bikini

Scroll for the video action. Demi has offered plenty of it this month, with her headline-making nude hot tub soak seeing her front media outlets. The British beauty, also in the news for ditching her London lock-down and moving to Ibiza, had posted a throwback to her U.K. treatment days.

The video showed Demi lying on her front at London-based Shane Cooper clinic and in nothing but a black bra and very peachy gray thong. "Non surgical cellulite removal" was written out in text.

Reveals Secret To Worshipped Figure


Keep scrolling for more sizzling bikini photos. Demi was seen with a technician applying the cellulite-busting treatment all around her signature asset and killer legs, with Rose herself seeming relaxed. The next video showed the Fashion Nova partner lying on her back in a low-cut top and undergoing the "body defining" treatment – she recs it for both glutes and a trim tummy.

For Rose's fans, though, it isn't about the influencing. It's all about those bombshell updates. And the Ibiza move, already bringing those Dior stripper boots, hasn't disappointed.

Bye-Bye London, Hello Spanish Sun

Demi Rose poses in a bikini by ocean rocks

Demi grew up in the North of the U.K., in the rather working-class Sutton Coldfield town. The model briefly linked to rapper Tyga in 2016 seemed settled in London, but she recently revealed she was miserable in lock-down and that moving to Ibiza was the "best decision" she ever made.

"I have loads of friends out here, the weather is nice and it is a perfect backdrop for my modeling work," she told Evening Standard this month. Keep scrolling for more killer curves.

Having Her Cake And Eating It

Demi Rose poses indoors in a bodysuit and Dior boots

Demi's Instagram might be everyone's secret guilty pleasure, but the brunette beauty is earning her cash from the social media platform. Demi hit 10 million followers in 2019, with her following now approaching 15 million – she's gained 200,000 followers since August alone.

Demi holds a partner status with affordable clothing giant Fashion Nova, although her influencing spans other brands including rival label Pretty Little Thing, plus White Fox Boutique. Demi's bikini body has even been spotted on giant, blown-up L.A. billboards – Demi couldn't resist sharing the achievement as she hit up the West Coast pre-pandemic.

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