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Demi Rose poses in a black dress

Demi Rose Revealingly Contours Body To Maintain Her Fabulous Figure

By Rebecca Cukier

Demi Rose had her pants rolled down and her top pulled up today to show Instagram just how she keeps her killer figure looking how it does. The 25-year-old model and social media sensation, backed by 14.6 million, updated her stories just in time for the weekend today – and it was major pampering time.

Demi, still in the news for ditching her London home for sunny Ibiza, had opted for some indoor time – given that London's Dr. Marwa Ali was present, though, the video might well have been from July or before. Check it out below.

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Tightening That Body And Perfecting The Face

Demi Rose poses scantily-clad with a book

Scroll for the video. Demi might go High-Intensity with her workouts, but today was about High-Intensity Ultrasound as the Birmingham, U.K. native underwent spa treatment for both her face and her jaw-dropping body. The curves got shown off plenty this month as Rose enjoyed a dangerous nude hot tub session while soaking up the Spanish sun.

The video kicked off with Demi introducing Harrods' aesthetic doctor before undergoing the treatment designed to tighten muscle fibers and break down "unwanted fat pockets."

Bikini Bombshell Reveals Secret


Keep scrolling for more photos. Demi, whose bikini body is up there with the gods and made headlines as the stunner pulled her top down to celebrate turning 25, was initially seen having the treatment on her face. Footage then showed the Fashion Nova partner's flat stomach all gelled-up as her Guess t-shirt was rolled away.

The "Gala Glow" facial, seemingly a success, came with Demi in makeup, although cosmetics-free and natural shots are scattered amid glossier updates on Demi's feed.

Admitted Miserable In London Lock-Down

Demi Rose poses in a dress by a balcony

Demi left London in July, with fans initially thinking she was on an extended vacation. The model, recently profiled by Evening Standard as she spoke about both her mental health and her move, told the magazine why she packed up London for good.

"During lockdown I lived on my own in London and my mental health really did get the better of me," Demi revealed, adding: "I felt very sad but when lockdown was lifted and I made a decision to move to Ibiza it was one of the best choices I ever made."

Sky's The Limit In Ibiza

Demi Rose poses smiling in Ibiza in a bikini

Updates from Ibiza have not disappointed Demi's followers. The star has spiced it up in her Dior stripper boots for a sizzling chest display, rocked her crochet Care Bears bikini, and definitely proven that "all this crochet and bikini stuff" she couldn't wear in her London lock-down is a thing of the past. Rose has also been shouting out the single life – the model split from DJ boyfriend Chris Martinez in 2019. She was also known for a brief 2016 fling with rapper Tyga.

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