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Sofia Vergara poses with glasses on

Sofia Vergara Eyes Peeing Break While Running In A Corset

By Rebecca Cukier

When you've gotta go, you've gotta go. Sofia Vergara did the best she could during this week's episode of "America's Got Talent," but the 48-year-old was filmed admitting she needed to pee right at the show's start. The "Modern Family" alum, currently livening up "AGT" as the first Latina judge, posted to her Instagram ahead of the weekend, with a reminder that even the judges are humans.

"Never a dull moment when u r an @agt judge!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣," Sofia told her followers. Check it out below.

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Already Gotta Pee

Sofia Vergara poses on the set of 'AGT'

Scroll for the video. It showed the actress seated on-set and with co-judges Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel in prep mode. Sofia was asked by Mandel if she was pumped for the show. Vergara sheepishly admitted: "Yeah," then adding that she "kind of" had to pee.

"ALREADY???" Howie interjected, with Vergara saying that yes, "already." Dramatic music then followed, with the Colombian seen up and rushing towards the restrooms. Yes, she was in her headline-making sheer corset, shown off in a front-and-back deal ahead of the airing.

Instagram Is Absolutely Loving It

Sofia Vergara poses for a selfie with Heidi Klum while backstage

Keep scrolling for the video. Sofia, followed by 20.3 million on Instagram and recently wowing riding a Ferrari in a skimpy 2000s throwback, now sees her fanbase sending her thumbs-up.

"This is literally me always doing things last minute but still making it😂," one fan wrote, with the cry-face emoji also seen as "Project Runway" face Heidi replied.

"The time is ticking but hey not to worry Sofia is always on time and timeless,❤" another fan wrote. Sofia was also told this was the most hilarious thing ever posted to her IG. More after the video.

Bundle Of Nerves As A Newb On 'AGT'

Sofia Vergara poses on set for 'AGT'

Sofia fronted media outlets for joining "AGT" after her 11-year stint on ABC sitcom "Modern Family." It turns out, the fiesty mama was pretty nervous, with 47-year-old Heidi Klum dishing some advice.

“It’s been amazing! We’ve only filmed one day so far and on the first day she was like ‘I’m really nervous. I don’t wanna do anything wrong,'” Heidi told Entertainment Tonight, then adding that she told Vergara:

"You cannot do anything wrong. You just speak your truth. You just say what you just saw, if you like it and if you don’t, and if you just elaborate on that, that’s it."

Mega-Popular With 2000s Throwbacks

Sofia Vergara poses in a throwback in a silver outfit

Sofia might bring the house down at 48 with her Labor Day weekend swimsuits, but the star is just as popular when the photos date back two, or even three, decades. Sofia, who has dropped jaws in a bikini while posing by a horse, recently dropped those Ferrari snaps, with fans loving it.

"#tbt Los Angeles 2000s 😝😝," Vergara captioned the shots, getting told that she hasn't "aged" a day. Clearly, though, the "Modern Family" love hasn't gone anywhere either, with 22-year-old former co-star Ariel Winter also leaving a like.

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