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Iggy Azalea Flaunts 'Baby Waist' In Tiny 'Clueless'-Inspired Skirt

By Whitney Vasquez

"What? Like it's hard?" Iggy Azalea is giving a humble brag by slipping back into her "Clueless"-inspired outfit that she wore prior to getting pregnant. The 30-year-old new mom stunned when she showcased her "baby waist" in the itty bitty iconic yellow replica during her "Fancy" music video with Charli XCX from 2014, y'all!

Breaking necks with her post-baby body just five months after giving birth, Iggy Azalea channeled her inner Cher Horowitz and proved she's more confident than ever before!

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Iggy Sporting The Skirt In 2014:

'Fancy' music video

Slipping back into the famous plaid mini shirt, the "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" singer strutted her stuff while tucking in a tight white tee to show off even more of her fit figure. Flaunting her long limbs, Iggy Azalea paired the naughty schoolgirl look with a pair of knee-high socks and black heels.

Letting her blonde hair flow freely, the star turned the camera on herself inside her Los Angeles home and owned it.

Scroll to see Iggy Azalea back in her "Fancy" fit!

Back In It 6 Years Later!

TikTok 2020

Turning her front door entrance into her own personal runway, Iggy Azalea swung her hips back and forth and oozed sexiness. Sporting a face full of makeup while doing her catwalk, it was clear that the "Sally Walker" hitmaker was feeling herself and her rocking body.

Playing "Yiken" by Priceless Da ROC, Iggy Azalea gave her own Cher spin while teasing her followers off Instagram and over to TikTok. "Me after dropping 'Fancy,'" she captioned the jaw-dropping video, which she later posted to her IG stories.

That Snatched Baby Waist!

Bikini mama

On Instagram, Iggy Azalea added another little message and Mark Zuckerberg won't be happy. "I'm on TikTok if you miss me," she wrote. Her TikTok followers were so impressed that she fit back into her teeny tiny outfit and they applauded her for her insane bounce back body. Click to see the video!

"She left us Clueless," one person joked. "You made the greatest comeback queen" added another. "I'll always be iconic though," posted a third. "Your snapback is unreal mama," shared someone else. Iggy Azalea has begun to respond to fans, even haters.

She Gave Birth In April!

Dazzling in yellow

After a few followers noticed she had blocked one troll and was deleting comments about her baby daddy, Playboi Carti, they had questions and she gave them answers. "Bruh she deleting all the comments abt her bf," one person wrote, to which Iggy said, "Because this is my page. So go to HIS page if you wanna speak in him and YES ima delete this too. But tell a friend."

"Why'd u block @nmillz1?" questioned another. "Isn't he the blonde curly headed poy who was talking shit about my pregnancy?" Iggy hit back. You go, girl!

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