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Sofia Vergara Collects Marriage Propositions On Son's Birthday Tribute

By Whitney Vasquez

Could you imagine if Sofia Vergara was your mother-in-law? Well, that's what several fans hoped for when they began propositioning the "America's Got Talent" judge for her son's hand in marriage on his birthday. The 48-year-old Colombian beauty's only child, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, turned 29 years old on Wednesday, September 16 and his busy mom carved out some time to celebrate.

Sharing a photo showing her with the birthday boy and her husband, "True Blood" actor Joe Manganiello, the trio smiled while holding giant balloons reading 2-9.

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He's Almost 30!

Sofia and Manolo

Appearing in their pajamas and a home for the birthday shot, Sofia Vergara smiled sweetly while tugging on added white balloons. Joe was quite the sight to see, wearing tiger print pajama bottoms with a Guns 'N Roses t-shirt while Manolo appeared in what looked like a Versace sweatsuit.

Showing off his gorgeous pearly whites and a full head of luscious dark hair, fans couldn't believe Sofia Vergara had a son that is almost thirty.

Scroll to see Sofia Vergara's look-alike son!

Is He Single?

Sofia with son and niece, 2018

Captioning the party shot by simply dropping several party hat emojis, the former "Modern Family" actress star probably wasn't expecting the reaction she got from her followers. Several began propositioning the star, asking her what Malono's current relationship status is.

"Is he single? Send him my way haha," one fan asked. "I'd marry him," posted another. "If he's not taken, I am single. You'd be the best mother-in-law," commented a third. Others couldn't believe that Sofia Vergara has a son that is reaching thirty.

Marriage Propositions Come Flooding In:


"How how u have 30 year old kid 😐😐😐😐," someone wrote. "How is this possible? YOU look 29! 😂" posted a fan. Another fan suggested that Sofia Vergara's son is doomed no matter who he ends up with. "Handsome son !!! but poor guy, he's never going to get a girlfriend as pretty [sic] as Mom!!!!" the follower wrote.

While Sofia and her son ignored the propositions, Manolo also shared several shots from his fun at-home birthday party.

See more shots!

The Party Shots!

Pool time!

"29 trips around the sun, and I’m still not sure if it’s pronounced 'ee-ther' or 'eye-ther,'" he wrote. Looking back at this past year, Manolo declared it a wash. "Did I achieve everything I had wanted to throughout the last year? Nope! And thats okay, most of us didn’t (thanks, corona)," Sofia Vergara's son joked. "But at the end of the day, I’m still standing, and I have a wonderful family, I have wonderful friends, and I can pay all of my dog’s bills." HBD, Manolo!

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