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Bella Thorne and her boyfreind Ben Mascolo.

Bella Thorne's Boyfriend Shares The Secret To Making Her Smile

By Jeff Mazzeo

Bella Thorne has a lot to smile about lately but her Italian pop star boyfriend just shared a surefire way to put a smile on her face.

Her BF, Benjamin Mascolo, shared some adorable pics on Wednesday that featured his way to turn Bella's frown upside down. The photos appear to be from their romantic vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California in Mexico and show the tan stars making funny faces. Bella even looks beautiful with a scowl.

Scroll down to see how he does it.

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Put On A Happy Face

Bella Thorne and Ben Mascolo

The two were clearly just messing around but do not recommend touching anyone's face without expressed consent. Mascolo has her consent and her heart... plus he's Italian.

"How I make her smile 🤍😛," Ben captioned the cute photos.

"Hahahahaha I love u u little f**ker," Bella quickly commented. "love u nugget," Benjamin replied.

Bella huge in Italy too so his Italian fans were stoked to see the redheaded star. "l’amore che vorrei (the love that I want)," a wishful fan wrote while another said, "Ho bisogno dei tuoi abbracci❤️ (I need both of your hugs)."

The Look Of Love

Bella Thorne in a Dior Bikini

The actress recently spoke with ET while promoting her new Netflix movie and expressed just how in love with Mascolo she is. Love looks really good on her!

"He's really just the perfect specimen and I honestly don't know how I got so blessed with him," she said.

"I love constantly learning about his life and his culture and his everything. [It's] just so interesting when you date someone that hasn't grown up with the same moralistic values and the same things as you."

That's Amore!

She's Number 1!

Bella Thorne with no makeup.

Bella has been crushing it so hard recently and she shared a fresh-faced selfie to celebrate her film, "The Babysitter: Killer Queen" becoming the number one movie on Netflix.

"The baby sitter is number one on Netflix !!!" she wrote across her naturally beautiful face.

She has been bragging a little on social media but she made sure to thank the people who make all her dreams possible... the fans! She even changed her Instagram bio to give all her followers a special shoutout.

"All my recent projects have broken the internet or been NUMBER ONE! For that I thank u guys ❤️," her IG bio now reads.

Killer Outfit

Bella Thorne in "The Babysitter: Killer Queen."

The success of Bella's triumphant return as Allison, the homicidal cheerleader wrapped up in a cult was due in part to her amazing outfit. We never figured Bella as the cheerleader type but she definitely has us feeling some serious team spirit.

Despite dying in the 2017 original movie, she alluded that her character could make a return if a third movie was ever to be made.

“You know, obviously in the first one, they killed us all off, so to really bring us all back was going to be hard,” she told ET. “I remember when they were talking about it and floating back a few ideas.

"I think the way they did it was very smart, so they could make a number three. They really could. I wouldn’t put it past anybody on that set to think of some crazy new thing and how it works. I’m just like, will they bring us all back again? That would just be, you know, like, ‘Oh my goodness!’” Bella exclaimed.

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