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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Flexes Chiseled Chest To Show Off His Action Movie Body

By Jeff Mazzeo

Kevin Hart pulled off a pretty cool humblebrag about his ripped physique!

The comedian literally flexed on us when he shared a sweaty picture on Wednesday. Kev flaunted his chiseled chest and washboard abs and passionately stared at the camera. The funnyman did his best to look casual but it was clear that he was flexing with everything he had. He showed off his muscles and bragged about his fitness game in the caption of his post.

Scroll down to see what he's working with.

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Almost Ready

Kevin Hart flexing his muscles.

"We start production on my next movie in a couple of weeks....I think I’m close to ready. I’m so excited to get back to work....More Action & More Laughs will be coming your way soon.... #ComedicRockStarShit #HustleHart," he wrote alongside his thirst trap.

Listen... let Kevin brag a little about the body he worked so hard to get. The humblebrag part is when he claimed he's "close to ready." Also worth mentioning is the fact that he teased some upcoming action projects.

Hustle Hart

Kevin Hart in his home gym.

Hart's whole thing is about putting in the hard work and getting better every day. In fact, he has some of his famous mottos written on the walls of his gym.

"Everyone wants to be famous but no one wants to put the work in," one phrase read.

While his shirtless pics are undoubtedly impressive, they often receive mixed reviews from his followers.

"put some got damn clothes on please," one hater wrote and another said, "Go put a damn shirt on!"

Many fans do find inspiration from his photos.

"Let me get up to this gym you not gone keep just out working me 😂😂," an inspired follower commented.

Instagram VS Reality

Kevin Hart's head on The Rock's body.

Kevin is probably one of the only examples where Instagram is pretty darn close to reality! Last month, he shared an obviously fake picture to his feed that featured his head on his good friend, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's body.

"Hit the gym hard this morning....GAINS!!!!!" Kevin joked in the caption of his post.

"😂😂😂 This is already your body.. just a bit condensed 💪🏾," The Rock quickly commented at the time.

Johnson is not wrong... Kevin does look like a miniature version of the giant movie star.

Ya Look Like A Boxer

Kevin Hart boxing in his backyard.

Hart has integrated boxing into his exercise routine because he loves the sport and... most people don't know s**t about boxing.

Say what you will about his size but make sure you don't sleep on his hands! The star frequently shows off his fast hands on the gram and always shows respect for the art of boxing.

"Coming back slowly but surely....Getting my speed back for sure. Slow progress but progress for sure 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 #HustleHart," he said back in August.

He's also excited that his son is getting into boxing now.

"Getting better together.... Me & My Son #Harts," he proudly wrote alongside a video of his son hitting the mitts.

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