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Chanel West Coast

Chanel West Coast Lookin' Cute In The Studio With Official 'Damn Gina!' Martin Shirt

By Jeff Mazzeo

Chanel West Coast went from having "No Plans" to jumping back into the studio!

The rapper was feeling cute during her Tuesday night studio session and decided to give her fans a quick look at her chic fit. Chanel posed in front of the studio equipment in some hip-hugging jeans, her Louis Vuitton bucket hat, and her "Damn Gina!" shirt from the classic tv show, "Martin." She is clearly a big fan of iconic '90s shows.

"Studio Time," she wrote across her 'fit pic with a mulit-colored gif.

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Damn Chanel!


What makes her outfit even more special is the fact that Martin Lawrence sent her the classic t-shirt himself. She shared a snap of all the gear she was sent from the Martin Lawrence store (yes, it's a thing). In addition to her "Damn Gina!" shirt, she also got the "Damn Gina!" socks so her feet can get their swag on.

"Thanks @martinlawrence!" she excitedly wrote on the gear unboxing pic.

Martin gave props to all the people who helped him get his new store off the ground and props to the people who sent several influencers the new gear.

"Wanna thank y’all for the massive support wit this weeks launch of my new merch store! So happy we could finally bring back some of your favorite characters from my career, and this is only the beginning!" he wrote on social media.

Designer Bucket Hat Babe

Chanel West Coast in a Louis Vuitton swimsuit.

We recognize that designer bucket hat that she paired with her "Martin" shirt! The rapper showed off her cool hat and a little cake by the ocean last week when she made waves on a yacht.

"Louis V in the sea 🛥⚓️," she cleverly captioned the wet pics.

Her devoted fans were stunned by her booty beauty.

"God you are so beautiful with the most amazing body ever hope you all stay safe,” one wrote while another commented, "I just failed no simp September 😭🔥."

A Little Pastie

Chanel West Coast performing for drive up concert.
Instagram/Chanel West Coast

That damn virus cannot keep Chanel down! The singer proudly shared a special Vlog that documented her first live performance since the pandemic. She did her thing on stage during the Soundemic Concert in your Car event in Ventura. She gave the crowd a show when she ripped off her chic coat and revealed a fishnet top and pasties to keep the show fairly family safe.

After the event, her Vlog gave a little taste of how the crew parties. The concert was pretty cool but we want to be invited to the after-party after watching her video!

Chanel Is Loyal!

Chanel West Coast and her hot friend.

Nobody will ever say that Chanel isn't loyal... just make sure you are on her good side! The rapper just demonstrated how she is one of the most loyal friends you could ever wish for. She took on the police when they tried to stop her friends from having fun at her 32nd birthday party and she dedicated a special tribute post to her ride or die friend.

"Happy Birthday to my best friend since 2nd grade @lovableroxy! You are so kind, honest, loyal, smart, funny, talented, beautiful, such an amazing friend, and more importantly an amazing mother. I am so proud of you and so happy to call you my bestie for 25 years now! I don’t know what my life would be like without you. We’ve shared some hilarious moments together in life and you always have my back and support me to the fullest. You are such an amazing support system for your friends, children, & hubby and such a light in so many peoples lives. We had so much fun celebrating your Bday this weekend and I can’t wait to celebrate the next one! The last pic here was at your 8th bday party at Pinz bowling alley lol here’s to celebrating 25 more Bdays together! Love you 4 life! 😘😘😘💖💖💖🎉🎉🎉," Chanel wrote on social media.

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