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Carrie Underwood signing 'I Love You'

Carrie Underwood Flexes Muscles In Tank Top While Grinding Workout

Carrie Underwood / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Carrie Underwood knows that couples who sweat together, stay together, and she's putting the mantra to the test by teaming up with husband Mike Fisher for some couple's at-home workouts! The 37-year-old country music superstar took to Instagram this week to give some advice on getting in your sweat with a partner and using her new health & fitness platform as a great place to provide examples to those looking to incorporate daily at-home workouts with a spouse or partner.

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Meet The New Trainer!

fit52 / Instagram

Carrie Underwood unveiled her new fitness app, fit52, earlier this year as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and focus on at-home workouts. The singer has been expanding her health & wellness empire and has now added her husband, former NHL star Mike Fisher, onto the roster of trainers.

Underwood made the reveal while sharing a photo of herself and Fisher sweating it out together while appearing to do push-ups ... or holding plank. The two are constantly supporting each other, and can't even avoid eye contact while in the middle of their reps.

Follow Mike's Path

Carrie Underwood stretching
fit52 / Instagram

"Working out is always more fun with a partner! In case you missed it, the newest #fit52 trainer is none other than Carrie’s favorite workout buddy, Mike Fisher! Join @mfisher1212 and all our other pros for fitness routines that fit into your busy lifestyle. Try ‘Get Started with Carrie’ or tackle ‘Mike’s Path’ for an extra challenge! Which path is your go-to?" a message from Underwood's fit52 app read.

Fans were loving the addition of Mike Fisher, and praised the "Power Couple" in the comments of the Instagram post.

Fans Love It!

Carrie Underwood looking at her phone
fit52 / Instagram

Users of Underwood's fit52 app are already responding well to the addition of the former NHL star.

"On my girl Carrie’s path, but love getting Mike’s workout cards mixed in there!" one fan wrote.

The app allows you to follow the "path" of the trainer, and one person said Fisher is not taking it easy!

"Mikes path kills me 4 days a week. I have a love/hate relationship with it," the tired user wrote.

Another customer was more focused on the partner aspect, asking Underwood, "Welp, I don't have a partner so can I borrow yours?"

Wearing Many Hats

Carrie Underwood taking a selfie in her closet
Carrie Underwood / Instagram

Carrie Underwood and her trainer, Eve Overland, launched fit52 earlier this year. Underwood is not just a passive owner, she's directly involved with posting videos for fans and showing off her home workouts.

According to the fit52 website:

"With fit52, every workout is different. Each suit represents a different exercise group, and every card reveals an exercise and number of reps, providing fun, full body workouts that can be completed in as little as 30 minutes!"

Singer, songwriter, wife, mom, trainer -- Carrie Underwood does it all!

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