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Demi Rose

Demi Rose Gives You Your Daily Dose Of Hotness With No Shirt Snap

By Jeff Mazzeo

A look at Demi Rose each day keeps the doctor away!

The beautiful influencer knows exactly how to keep her fans hooked and gave them their daily dose of hotness on Wednesday. She celebrated hump day by sharing a stunning, shirt-less pic designed by her creative director, Loan Love (she's super hot too). Demi is very proficient when it comes to sharing smoking hot pics on social media because... well, that's her job. She joked about her constant sharing even though her millions of fans don't see to mind.

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'Vitamin Me'

Demi Rose

"Daily dose of vitamin me ☺️✨ @lolo_creativ," Rose captioned the sultry shot.

The caption is actually very clever for multiple reasons. As we mentioned above, she constantly posts so the "daily dose" thing is funny in its own right but she is also soaking up the sun rays with no shirt on. Vitamin D comes from the sun so she is getting her daily dose of Vitamin D and we all get to watch.

True beauty is the ability to come up with clever captions and Demi always delivers.

Fans Want Her To Act

Demi Rose in a full-zip mini-dress.

While the comments section of her posts is always flooded with praise for the beauty (and tons of bots), there has been an increasing number of fans who keep asking when she is going to try acting.

"When will you start acting?😈" one follower asked while another said, "💛🧡🤎💙🤍🖤I Love ♥️You Demi🌹💛🧡🤎💙🤍🖤."

It's unclear if Rose has even considered being in front of the camera in a different way but she certainly has a built-in audience. Let's face it, you pretty much have to have a large, devoted audience to get any kind of showbiz gig nowadays (looking at you David Dobrik).

Ready For Love?

Demi Rose in a peach bikini.

Earlier this week, Demi posted and deleted some scantily clad pics and spoke about her love life in the caption of the post. It's unclear if Instagram deemed her pics too racy for the platform or if she wasn't ready to be so open with her fans.

"She’ll love when she’s ready 🧡,” she captioned her post.

The caption makes it seem that she is not currently looking for love and that she is focusing on herself and we think that is the best thing to do. In fact, that's when love strikes! Her followers were quick to let her know that she has options.

”I’m ready to love,” one impressed fan commented while another said, “A thriving, happy, beautiful queen👑 i love it 💗."

"My forever crush 💖✨🌸," a third follower wrote. "in love with your style🔥🌷."

Helping Others

Demi Rose in a small swimsuit.

Demi recently appeared on Sky News via Zoom to discuss grief on National Suicide Prevention Day. Her parents past away just seven months apart and she dealt with extreme grief and sadness. Rose was eventually able to overcome her grief and is now using her platform to help others. She told Sky News that she hopes her story can help other people in similar situations.

She had previously revealed her family struggles on the Pretty Little Thing podcast.

"My dad passed away with cancer and then my mum then sadly passed away 7 months after him with a stomach infection, and it just made me grow up really fast and be really really strong about things," she said at the time.

She continued, "and I think if I can inspire people by talking about grief, then you know if they can relate to me and they can understand it a little bit and I can help them then that’s important to me."

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