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Miley Cyrus poses for a photo with a mauve wig on

Miley Cyrus Grabs Crotch In A Rubbery 'Studio Daze'

By Rebecca Cukier

Miley Cyrus is back to grabbing her crotch – but not without reminding Instagram that the sexy vibes come with talent that's recording new beats. Miley, 27, and in the news of late for her August split from boyfriend Cody Simpson, updated her stories this week with a little studio action and a lot of skintight clothing.

Miley, followed by 115 million on her Instagram, with recent content showing her "The Tonight Show" performance, kept the feel musical. But the finish was racy. Check it out below.

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Crotch-Grabbing Just Won Her Two VMAs

Miley Cyrus poses in the Mother's Daughter video wearing a catsuit

Scroll for the latest shot. Fans of the "Midnight Sky" singer will be more than familiar with the extensive crotch-grabbing in Miley's 2019-released "Mother's Daughter" track. The singer's skintight red catsuit, complete with bullet studding at the nether region, came with plenty of raunchy moves, and they made a comeback last month. Miley nabbed herself Best Editing and Best Art Direction for the single at the 2020 VMAs.

Miley, who has since released "Midnight Sky" and is set to release "She Is Miley Cyrus" this year, is clearly recording.

Classy VMAs Went Sheer, But It's Mick Jagger Here

Miley Cyrus poses in a sheer top and undies backstage

Keep scrolling for the photo. It showed the former "Hannah Montana" star photographed from above and likely in selfie mode while seated on a chair and over tiled floors. Miley, rocking a punk-rock expression, was wearing a simple black tank, plus a snazzy, rubbery, PVC pair of pants. The blonde had one hand to her crotch, also wearing shades and showing off that COVID mullet. "Studio daze," Miley wrote.

Headlines from Miley were as much about the fashion as the music over the VMAs, with the star rocking a sheer, Mugler dress with mirror ball details on it.

Celebrated VMAs With Pizza She Didn't Eat

Miley Cyrus poses in tight pants and grabbing her crotch

Miley celebrated her VMAs win with some amusing Instagram content. The singer was seen posing in her Mugler evening dress and on trailer steps with a pizza slice – it didn't get eaten, though. Prior to throwing it in the trash, Miley wrote:

"Truth is I didn’t eat the pizza.... I had 4 day old Indian food to celebrate instead. 📸 @vijatm."

Miley's headlines have shifted to politics this month, even if her killer workout selfie yesterday was deemed showing 23-year-old Cody what he's missing.

Says 2020 Election Most 'Important' In Her Life

Miley Cyrus poses by a laptop

Miley, who has been urging fans to vote, recently spoke to Nova 96.9′s Fitzy & Wippa regarding the upcoming November elections.

"Listen I'm 27 and I know I've never experienced an election this important in my life and hopefully not again in my lifetime," Miley said, adding:

"I can't express the importance enough, especially if young people getting out there and being active and making sure that their friends, their family are voting and have the information about whether it's mailing in, about the state of our country right now."

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