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Lori Harvey poses by a car

Lori Harvey Faces Backlash In Revealing Slimming Secrets Video

By Rebecca Cukier

Lori Harvey isn't Little Miss Popular now – at least as far as viewers to the 23-year-old model's recent insane waistline display are concerned. Lori, a massive headline-maker last month for seemingly ending her relationship with "Life Is Good" rapper Future, has been busy earning her cash on the 'Gram since the split – seemingly, via controversial slimming products.

Lori, followed by 2.3 million and having already shouted out the PureLeef brand's butt-plumping cream, now sees a waist-slimming product from the same company working its way across her rock-hard stomach – the footage, meanwhile, worked its way over to The Shade Room. Check it out below.

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Stunning Model Promotes What Her Trainer Recommended

Lori Harvey poses poolside in a bikini

Scroll for the video. Lori, whose biggest promo gig is her ongoing one with affordable clothing brand Pretty Little Thing, had branched out into wellness for this post. It showed the L.A.-based star flaunting her stunning model body in skintight black spandex leggings and a skimpy sports bra – the view included washboard abs and some cleavage as the stepdaughter to TV personality Setev Harvey applied PureLeef's gel, plus its "heated waist burner."

Lori admitted that "quarantine bloat" had really been getting the best of her lately. The star also did an ace job promoting the solution to it. Fans, however have thoughts.

It 'Burns Fat' And Is A 'Detox'

Lori Harvey poses working out on a mat

A caption from The Shade Room abided by Instagram's required #AD, opening:

"Yes! Lori Harvey has always had an amazing body. But just like the rest of us, she experiences bloating, fullness and just not always as disciplined as we would like to be. That’s where @pureleef ‘s heated waist burner comes in... paired with our waist shaping."

The products' benefits were then listed, with fans encouraged to head to PureLeef's Instagram.

"If you're rich, stop selling people ineffective harmful cheap products," a fan wrote. Over 1,400 others agreed. More after the video.

Fans Say 'You Don't Need This'

Lori Harvey poses in a bikini on a lounger

While a popular comment read: "Ten years from now this gonna be on a commercial saying if you of a loved one used it in 2020 we may be entitled to compensation," another user took their reply down the warning route – for others.

"Ladies drink water, lift weights, do cardio, be nice to body and I promise it’ll be nice back. You don’t need this 😩."

Lori, whose stories regularly show her influencing for super-healthy smoothie brands, was also told that she "clearly doesn't use it. We might be poor shaderoom, but we ain't stupid" – clearly from an irate follower.

A Bit Of A Cardi Divorce Hijack

Lori Harvey poses in a top and pink hat

Amid comments lashing out and even suggesting Lori has undergone surgery, a bit of a hijack also manifested. The top-rated comment, referring to rapper Cardi B's recent divorce news from husband Offset, read: "Ya'll know DAMN WELL We want to talk about Cardi divorce. The model did, however, have her relationships mentioned. A fan asked if "this is the one who dated diddy and his son?"

While Harvey was linked to rapper Diddy, she remains more recently known for her 2020-commenced relationship with 36-year-old Future. A relationship that appeared axed after the two unfollowed one another, with Future wiping his Instagram of all bar three photos. None included Lori.

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