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Iggy looking fierce

Iggy Azalea Flashes Her Bagpipes For 'Impressive' Irish Jig

By Whitney Vasquez

Iggy Azalea is getting her Irish jig on! The 30-year-old new mom put her "perfect" body on display while doing a fun dance to Irish music in a hilarious spoof on TikTok. The blonde bombshell made jaws drop when she slipped her unbelievable curves into an itty bitty mini skirt and crop top for her at-home performance.

Looking like a professional, the "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" rapper did just that and her fans ate it up like it was their last meal.

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Jiggy Iggy!

Mimosa mama

Sporting a black crop top with the Irish name "Patrick" across her chest, Iggy Azalea paired the tiny look with an even smaller clothing piece covering her lower half. Matching the pattern of her shirt, the "Fancy" rapper barely covered her bits in a skintight black mini skirt while doing the jig.

Showing off her snatched waist in the crazy dance look and a whole lot of leg, Iggy Azalea was absolute perfection while getting her jig on!

Scroll to see Iggy's Irish jig!

Bagpipe Babe!

Iggy's bikini body

Beginning the TikTok video with some X-rated content, the Australian-born rapper introduced the jig by saying, "What does p---y talk? IRISH!!!" then busted out the Irish dance. Doing the jig across her wooden floors while wearing white sneakers, Iggy Azalea kicked her legs up and even jumped on her kitchen table as bagpipes played in the background.

Let's just say, her TikTok followers are completely impressed with her moves and took to her comments to gush over her Irish dance skills.

Watch Her Jig!

Iggy's Irish jig!

"When Iggy Azalea's content is funnier than most people that get PAID to post on this app. Aways love you iggyiggs," one person wrote. "This has no right being that funny I CACKLED SO LOUD," added another. "It's the table jig for me LMAOOO giving me very much lucky charms," posted a third. "Come thru Irish Jig Iggy!" shared someone else.

Iggy Azalea even began writing back to her fans and she's got mad jokes, y'all! Watch her dance here!

Keep scrolling to see what Iggy has to say!

Making Them Beg!

Her post-baby body

"I couldn't dance in a straight face if my life depended on it," one commenter replied to which Iggy said, "Not laughing during this is one of my biggest accomplishments." When someone wrote, "Hahahaha Iggy has too much time in her day," the rapper clapped back, "I always have time to be a dumb bitch."

Another follower told Iggy, "My sister is an Irish dancer and died laughing at this!! She said you did good." The star wrote back, "Tell her I said Thank you! LMAO." Other people called the mom's moves "impressive" and asked for more.

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