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Going pink

Ariel Winter Shows Off Perfect Peaches For Yummy Bakery Run

By Whitney Vasquez

Ariel Winter got a little cheeky while running out for a quick trip to indulge her sweet tooth. The 22-year-old actress flashed her juicy backside in a pair of perfectly tight cheetah print yoga pants during a breakfast bakery run to Viktor Benes Bakery at a local grocery store in Los Angeles on Monday, September14.

Ariel Winter looked like a fit errand queen while making a mad dash past photographers to her awaiting car. Still sporting her pink hairdo, the former "Modern Family" star dressed to impress to her outing.

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Avoiding Wardrobe Malfunction:

Shopping in June

After accidentally flashing her bare butt to shutterbugs during her last grocery run just days ago, Ariel Winter wore pants but still kept an emphasis on her gorgeous backside. Letting her light pink hair flow down freely, the star screamed her love for furry pups with her sweatshirt.

Sporting a grey pullover with the words, "I just want all the dogs," Ariel Winter matched her laidback look with the skintight yoga pants, a black mask, and a pair of light pink sneakers. Click here for the pics!

Yoga Pants For The Win!

Ariel in NYC

It was hard not to notice how perfectly her yoga pants hugged her backside when she gave a little peek while putting the groceries into her car. Last week, Ariel Winter showed off more than she had bargained for when she went to load up her vehicle.

Sporting an oversized long-sleeved Alabama shirt in crimson red, the former TV nerd stuck out like a sore thumb even while wearing a mask to cover her face. Plus, she wasn't wearing pants underneath her big shirt.

Flashing Her Booty:

Ariel's no pants look

In the shots, obtained by Daily Mail, the star was seen pushing her cart up to her awaiting black SUV. When she went to lift the goods from the cart to her trunk, things went a little haywire. Ariel Winter's cheeks were fully exposed and poured out from underneath her long shirt.

Despite shopping with no pants, the "Modern Family" actress did appear to have a little something underneath. In the shots, it appears she has on teeny tiny gray shorts.

New Hair, Who Dis?

Goodbye blonde!

Ariel Winter has been switching up her hair ever since her longstanding show "Modern Family" ended earlier this year. After being a brunette for over a decade while playing Alex Dunphy, she went wild with color. She immediately colored her dark hair a fiery red then went blonde.

After rocking the platinum blonde loo, she recently made her big debut as a fun pink-haired starlet over Labor Day weekend. "Pinkie Pie spotted in the wild on Labor Day: a slideshow 🎀," she wrote while introducing the new look.

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