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Demi Lovato with basketball

Demi Lovato Turns Down Marriage Proposal From Marshmello On Instagram!

Instagram @ddlovato
By Jacob Highley

Demi Lovato just posted a video on her Instagram showing that she turned down a marriage proposal from famed electronic artist Marshmello! The 28-year-old “Sorry Not Sorry” singer has not only been riding the wave of popularity that has arisen from her latest music releases but also from her recent engagement to Netflix actor Max Ehrich.

Lovato’s recovery from her 2018 drug overdose has been simply revolutionary for her music career, positive self-image, and social status. Scoring collaborations with artists like Sam Smith and (as mentioned before) Marshmello, it isn’t hard to understand why someone would propose to her.

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A Giant Diamond

Demi Lovato with hair down
Instagram @DDlovato

For those who haven’t already guessed, this wasn’t exactly a serious proposal from the “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok” artist. Demi clearly staged the proposal for comedic purposes, even going so far as to show an enormous ring on her left hand indicating her engagement to Ehrich. (Though the actual ring he gave her was obviously much smaller)

Marshmello seemed totally crushed with the turn-down from the “Heartbreak” singer, but fans are quite certain that he will get over it. As they say, there are plenty of marshmallow's in the sea… wait.

'Max Made His Move First'

Demi Lovato with cell phone
Instagram @DDlovato

The aforementioned video was accompanied by a caption from Demi that sent fans into histarical laughter!

“You know I love you @marshmellomusic... but uhhhhh @maxehrich made his move first 💍💎💖😂” (Demi L)

Fans who saw the clip and her caption left comment after comment expressing how comedic they found the whole clip.

What made this even better, however, was that they put the song they collaborated on in the background too. Some of the comments that pointed out how well made the short video was received many likes.

'Soft To Cuddle'

Demi Lovato with white shirt
Instagram @DDlovato

Here are just a few responses from fans on the clip.

“She said oh that’s cute ring diamond 💍 but I have a bigger one diamond 💎 😂😂😂” (Commentator)

“The difference between Marshmello’s ring and Max’s ring 😂 MAX WON AGAIN “ (Commentator)

“This is amazing 😂😂 we love you Demi and sorry Marshmello you came a little bit late 😭💔 “ (Commentator)

“It would be nice to date marshmello, must be really soft to cuddle. I'm down for it! 🖤 “ (Commentator)

'A Lot Of Growing'

Giphy | Demi Lovato

Demi told the press that her collaboration with Marshmello was very personal, with a deep meaning behind the song.

"I feel like what we've kind of missed in this year is music that kind of encapsulates everything that we're going through. And so, this I feel like is the touchstone of what I'm about to embark on, being a very purpose-driven journey, and especially with my music."

“I feel like I've done a lot of growing this year," she said. "I’ve done a lot of work on myself with meditation, with just doing more work with my therapist because I have more time to. It's just like, it's worked out a lot, and I'm really grateful."

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