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Willow Smith

Willow Smith Shreds Amazing 'Groovy' Guitar Riff While Rocking Tie-Dye Jimmy Hendrix Shirt

By Jeff Mazzeo

Willow Smith can really make that guitar sing!

The artist shared a fantastic clip on Monday that featured a laid back riff. Willow honored Jimmy Hendrix, her favorite guitarist, by wearing a tie-dye shirt and the vibe seemed to match the music perfectly. She often wails on the guitar during her Instagram jam sessions but this time she decided to start the week off with a relaxing tune. The powerful musician gave a special shoutout to the female guitarist that created the original riff but she admitted to putting a little of her own flair on it.

Groovy Baby!


"S/O to <@towabird> for inspiring to try this GROOVY ASS riff she made up ❤️ (it’s not exact but I had to put a lil WILLOW flair 😂)," she captioned the chill clip.

Towa Bird is a 21-year-old English guitarist who became famous for shredding on TikTok. It's pretty cool to see two young female musicians supporting each other.

Willow's fans thought the music sounded great and showered the star with praise for supporting a fellow guitarist.

"Ooooo la la. I love it," a complimentary follower commented while another said, "Been waiting for that @towabird x @willowsmith vibe 🌟."

"Your hair is looking on point🔥👍🏾," a third fan wrote.

Angelic Voice

Willow Smith playing the guitar.

Smith is an amazing guitarist but she is also a very talented singer. Sometimes her famous family can distract from what an amazing artist she is. She's fully graduated from "Whip My Hair."

Way back in May, she blew her fans away with her angelic voice. She blessed her millions of fans with an acoustic performance of her song, "Time Machine." The specific track is off her 2019 album, "Willow" and she admitted that she doesn't play it that often anymore.

"The other day I realized that I haven’t played this song on guitar nearly as much I’ve played Female Energy Pt.2 or Pretty Girlz // thought it would be nice to do a lil acoustic version // 🌟<Time Machine>🌟," she wrote at the time.

Flexing On Us

Willow Smith's amazing abs.

The musician is also very passionate about yoga as well and flaunted her amazing physique last week. She posed in front of the full-length mirror at her home gym and pulled down her spandex pants to give her followers a great look at her washboard abs. She certainly has perfected the art of the shredded abs selfie!

She simply captioned the photo with a heart <🤍> emoji and she certainly captured the <🤍>s of her millions of fans.

"Slim ❤️," Erykah Badu commented.

"Whoa girl! Apocalypse ready 🔥🔥," an impressed fan wrote while another said, "You’re a genetically superior being."

Tie-Dye Trend

Jaden and Willow Smith

Willow and her brother, Jaden are all about the tie-dye and the trippy vibes. Last week, the psychedelic siblings did a little self-promotion for their clothing line.

"🌈<Trippy Summer> RESTOCK🌟// @490tx • @msftsrep," she wrote alongside the pictures.

The main campaign photo featured them standing next to each other while decked out in their own gear. Willow opted for a pink tie-dye shirt while Jaden work a golden yellow one. The photo was beautifully composed and shot through a wreath of flowers. It appears the photos were taken by the famous actor, Moises Arias, who also happens to be a co-owner with the siblings.

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