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Demi Rose

Demi Rose Says She's Not Ready For Love Yet In Smallest Peach Bikini Ever

By Jeff Mazzeo

Demi Rose isn’t ready for love despite all the flattering offers she gets online!

The gorgeous model shared some stunning snaps on Sunday that featured herself in the smallest bikini ever made. She tugged on the stringy suit but was very careful not to make her pics too risqué for Instagram. The cute suit is by the woman-owned brand, Deadblud and the peach color fit perfectly with the theme of her backside shot... if you catch our drift. BTW, we are totally digging the pigtails!

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Just Peachy

Demi Rose in a peach bikini.

While her sultry pics certainly awoken some love feelings in her millions of fans, she let the world know that she is happily single.

"She’ll love when she’s ready 🧡,” she captioned her thirst trap.

Some followers were obviously disappointed but stoked on the sultry snaps... and the fact that she’s happy.

”I’m ready to love,” one impressed fan commented while another said, “A thriving, happy, beautiful queen👑 i love it 💗."

"My forever crush 💖✨🌸," a third follower wrote. "in love with your style🔥🌷."

She’s Out Of This World


Last week, Demi reminded us that Heaven is a place on Earth. This week, she proved that her friend and she might be from a different planet because they are so hot!

Rose looked extremely cute when playing with a life-sized E.T. doll. Turns out that he wanted to phone home to tell his people that he is going to stay in Ibiza with Demi... can you blame the guy?!

She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, which means we are officially jealous of a stuffed toy. E.T. He has wondering hands too!

Pretty In Pink

Demi Rose in a pink Ibiza shirt.

She is a very physical person and never shies away from her sexuality. In fact, she wears it proudly on her clothes! She found some explicit Ibiza shirts intriguing and featured them on her IG story. The tourist shirts celebrated the fact that Ibiza is called the Island of Desires and showed some hand-drawn people indulging in self-gratification.

The tourist merch isn’t the only article of clothing that expresses what she’s thinking about. Last week she wore a dress that spelled out what was on her mind. She posed in a little black dress by Fashion Nova that was way too...

Ibiza Por Vida


She may not be ready for love but she definitely loves where she lives. She is a big supporter of everything the Magic Island has to offer and is constantly hitting the books to learn more. She flaunted her giant bookmarks earlier this month when she recommended some interesting reading material about Ibiza.

For those actually interested in what her new favorite book is all about, it is a photography book dedicated to the beautiful scenery, colorful characters, and iconic landmarks of Demi's home. "Ibiza Bohemia" was published in 2017 by author and famed fashion photographer, Renu Kashyap and travel writer, Maya Boyd.

It's a must-read if you are trying to get on Demi's good side.

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