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Demi Rose poses outdoors in a white top

Demi Rose's Smile Worth The Swipe In Tugged-Down Bikini

By Rebecca Cukier

Demi Rose snagged herself over 100,000 likes in under 20 minutes today – what you get when Instagram's hottest bombshell both heats up the platform and melts it. Demi, 25, updated her account to wrap up the weekend with a little swimwear action, her gorgeous smile, and a reminder that she's well settled in her new Ibiza home.

Demi, who ditched her London lock-down for the Spanish sun in July, has been killing the bikini updates – and the naked hot tub ones – ever since her move. Check out the latest shots below.

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Smile Always Lights Up The Room

Demi Rose poses smiling in a frilly top

Scroll for the photos which kicked off showing Demi reclining in a natural hammock and on a small balcony. The Birmingham, U.K. native, seen in the tiniest string bikini in pink and orange tie-dye, was cheekily tugging her top down while glancing sideways – fans had to swipe for the smile, but this girl's fans know when an update has multiple images.

The next photo came as a wild booty flash showing a cheeky thong, with Rose rocking shades as she flaunted her famous rear.

Says 'She'll Love When She's Ready'

Demi Rose poses in a bikini in a hammock

Keep scrolling for the smile. The final shot, showing Demi back lying down and with a stunning, closed-eye smile, wrapped it up as Demi wrote: "She'll love when she's ready" with a heart emoji.

Demi is single. The star, briefly linked to rapper Tyga in 2016, ended her relationship with DJ Chris Martinez in 2019. Her rep told Daily Mail:

"They have ended as friends and continue to support each other through out their careers," adding: "Demi is single and very happy working on her career in the USA."

And She Did Enjoy The 'Ole U.S. Of A

Demi Rose poses smiling in a bikini from a hammock

Demi, whose travels were largely limited due to the pandemic prior to her Ibiza move, did manage to squeeze in some U.S. travels earlier in the year. A high-profile trip to the West Coast brought Rose in a tiny pink bicycle bikini shoot on Venice Beach, CA. It also included a Rodeo Drive shoot, with the model also visiting Miami on a separate trip.

Today's update brought in all the love. "Damn!!" one fan wrote, with Demi also getting called "The purest beauty." More after the jump.

Soaking Up The Ibiza Sun

Demi Rose poses in a thong and crop top by rocks

Demi, who recently told ES that she'd been "miserable" in her London lock-down, seems to be living her best life out in the Med. While London brought a tearful video as Demi revealed having been bullied at school – she continues to mourn losing both parents just 8 months apart – Spain seems to be brining the fun. Sometimes, with a girlfriend. Demi recently enjoyed a twinning swimsuit yacht outing with fellow model Bethany Lily. For more from Demi, check out her Instagram.

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