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Shauna Sexton looking into the camera

Ben Affleck's Ex, Shauna Sexton, Strips Down & Takes Heat Over Pic

Shauna Sexton / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Shauna Sexton has been working hard during the quarantine and is not shy about stripping down to show off her insane physique. The 24-year-old ex-Playboy model lives a quiet life these days after her whirlwind romance with Ben Affleck during a controversial time in the movie star's life. Although Sexton and Affleck dated for only a few months, it made a huge impact on his life and public image and made headlines every day as fans hung on the actor's every move.

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Taking It All Off

Shauna Sexton lying nude outside
Shauna Sexton / Instagram

Taking to Instagram this week, Sexton showed herself completely in the buff in an artsy shot that was posted in black and white.

"New LinkedIn picture," the model wrote of the classy nude photo.

In the photo, Sexton is seen lying on her stomach on top of a cotton towel while resting her head on one hand. The model, who was Playboy's Playmate of the Month back in May 2018, is clearly comfortable lounging around without any clothes.

Sexton's followers lit up her social media with priase over the sexy shot, but one person voiced off in anger.

Clapping Back

Shauna Sexton in red dress
Shauna Sexton / Instagram

Although many of the young model's fans and friends filled her comments with love, one person thought it was insensitve for Sexton to post a nude photo of herself on September 11.

"On 9/11 this is what you post? Unfollowing you," the person wrote.

Sexton didn't shy away from responding and clapped back at the critic with a blunt response:

" I haven’t posted in a month.. why does my ig post have to directly correlate to every political, social, climactical, and current event..? I would have to post every day if that were the case. It is not my personal duty to uphold a certain standard for your personal fulfillment. Now enjoy my titty & go ahead and tap that unfollow button."

Finding Happiness

Shauna Sexton with her dogs
Shauna Sexton / Instagram

Aside from clapping back at angry fans online, Shauna Sexton lives a quiet life these days after her highly-publicized fling with "The Way Back" star Ben Affleck.

Sexton currently lives at a quaint house in Santa Barbara, CA and appears to be in a serious relationship. Other than modelling, Sexton works full-time as a veterinary tech and has a deep love of animals. She can regularly be seen with her dogs walking at the beach, and also when she's pumping iron in the backyard.

The Fling With Batman

Ben Affleck at comic-con

Shauna Sexton was already known for being a Playboy Playmate but became world-famous in August 2018 when she was romantically linked with Ben Affleck following the star's breakup with longtime girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus. Unfortunately, Sexton was also with Affleck during a huge downward spiral in his life when he was fully off the wagon and binging on alcohol. The two were famously spotted driving through Jack In The Box and later were partying when Affleck had a huge box of alcohol delivered to his home.

Ex-wife Jen Garner ended up staging an intervention that landed Affleck back in rehab, and he has been clean ever since. As for his relationship with Sexton, the two did reunite briefly in Montana following Affleck's rehab stint but have since called it quits and gone their separate ways.

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