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Jenelle Evans poses sunbathing in a bikini

Jenelle Evans Bronzes Her 'Thick' Bikini Body With A Chicken

By Rebecca Cukier

Jenelle Evans just happily called her killer bikini body "thick" – the former "Teen Mom 2" star doesn't care what society dictates, with her followers 100% agreeing. Jenelle, who admitted to gaining some quarantine weight back in March, updated her Instagram over the weekend with a little sunbathing bikini action. The ex-MTV face also included one of the chickens that often features in her posts.

If you don't live inside Jenelle's Instgram, this girl has been body-shamed up the wazoo this year. Not today. Check it out below.

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'Cause She's Thick...Thi Thi Thi Thick'

Jenelle Evans poses on a duck pool floatie

Scroll for the photos. They come shortly after Jenelle made negative headlines for a 9/11 tweet deemed "dumb" – Jenelle posted a photo of office workers in a building overlooking an incoming plane, with one of the workers seemingly dropping his coffee from surprise.

Jenelle's Sunday photos showed the 28-year-old relaxing back on a sun lounger amid lawns and flaunting her sizzling curves in a tiny yellow bikini. The mom of three, wearing her hair down and also showing off her giant tattoo, then took to her caption.

Nobody's Body-Shaming Her Today

Jenelle Evans poses sunbathing in a bikini

Keep scrolling for more shots. A caption read: "“Cause she thick... thi thi thi thi thick” 🔥 #Bikini #LazySunday."

Jenelle, followed by 2.9 million on her Instagram, and this year asked "when she's due" after a beach outing photo sparked weight and pregnancy comments, now sees her fans backing her.

"Confidence is so important. LET JENELLE BE HAPPY AND FEEL BEAUTIFUL," one fan wrote. Another, meanwhile, replied: "Real woman curves." And yes, fans had spotted the chicken wandering around in the background – "Cute chicken," one user wrote. Scroll for more photos.

Admitted She's Gained Weight

Jenelle Evans poses in a bikini with her daughter by a lake

Back in March, Jenelle featured in a TikTok, writing: "Having some fun with Jace and Maryssa while we self-distant ourselves from the public 🎶💕😂 (Yes, I’ve gained weight.)"

Three months later and seen dancing in skintight spandex by her pool, the JE Cosmetics founder stated: “Dance like nobody is watching!!! Since #quarantine I’ve been dancing a lot more and forgot how much I loved it!”

“Judge me if you will, body shame me if you will but I love myself sooo."

YouTube Series After 'Teen Mom' Firing

Jenelle Evans poses for a photo smiling

It's been three weeks since Jenelle made headlines for announcing she'd be appearing in a six-part YouTube series set to "expose" her former cast members. The star has now dropped two videos of "I Have Something To Say."

"A lot of you have been messaging me," Jenelle said in August, adding that she was putting together a six-episode series: "I'm going to be producer, director, and editor for this and it's going to expose a lot of people." Jenelle was fired from "Teen Mom 2" in 2019 after husband David Eason fatally shot the family dog Nugget.

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