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Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek Prays The Fires Stop Destroying California & Oregon; Brings Attention To Climate Change

By Jeff Mazzeo

Salma Hayek is extremely saddened by the damage caused by several wildfires that are ravaging California and Oregon.

The iconic actress sent prayers calling for an end to the fires and the destruction on Sunday. Salma feels very found of the Pacific Northwest and the Los Angeles basin after living and traveling near all the current danger zones while working in Hollywood. Her post was all about sending out positive vibes but she used #climatechange after experts claimed global warming is a contributing factor for wildfire destruction.

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Beautiful Throwback

Salma Hayek in the Pacific Northwest.

Along with her prayers, Hayek sent out a beautiful throwback picture that featured herself posing with Mother Nature. It really is a shame thinking that some of the Pacific Northwest's beauty is being destroyed by the fires. Salma is trying to think happy thoughts.

"Praying that the fires stop destroying California Washington and Oregon 🙏🔥. Rezando para que los incendios paren de destruir #california #washingtonstate and #oregon #wildfire #climatechange #mountrainier," she captioned the foresty snap.

In just a few short weeks, California was hit with 20 of the largest wildfires in modern history.

“What we’ve been seeing in California are some of the clearest events where we can say this is climate change — that climate change has clearly made this worse,” Zeke Hausfather, a climate scientist at the Breakthrough Institute told the Los Angeles Times.

She's A Nature Lover

Salma Hayek picking figs from a tree.

Any fan of Hayek's knows that she is a nature lover and finds the beauty in all things. In fact, she often expresses her excitement for the living things around her on social media. Last week, she shared some beautiful pics of herself picking and biting into some juicy figs.

"Nothing like picking fruit straight from the tree... 🌳 I LOVE #figs! What’s your favourite fruit to pick? Thank you #nature," Hayek captioned her pics.

Since she is so enthralled with nature, we wouldn't be surprised if she becomes a champion of environmental protection.

Always Showing Gratitude

Salma Hayek in a yellow swimsuit.

She may be a famous actress and a billionaire but she always stays humble and shows gratitude for everything she has. The beauty just celebrated her 54th birthday and she took the time to reflect on her special day.

"I am very grateful and proud for every single one of my 54 years. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, especially to my fans who made a special account for my birthday. What a gift! @salmahappybirthday ✨," she wrote on social media.

It's amazing how she keeps getting better with age!

Miss Congeniality

Salma Hayek in a negligee.

Salma is one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood and builds beautiful relationships with her peers. The most obvious reason is that she is incredibly thoughtful and takes the time to make her friends feel special.

Earlier this week, she wished her good friend and frequent co-star, Adam Sandler a happy birthday.

"You’ve been my boss, my movie husband, my dearest friend and if you had been born one week earlier, in Coatzacoalcos, #Veracruz, you could have been my twin. You have always been a wise man, but you will never be old, you will always be a responsible but beautiful child. I love you my Jewish brother! 🎂 Happy birthday! 🥳" she wrote alongside a funny clip from "Grown Ups 2."

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