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Sommer Ray poses looking sideways

Sommer Ray Not Your Average Joe With Weekend Shirt-Lifting

By Rebecca Cukier

100,000 likes in under 12 minutes – proof that Sommer Ray doesn't need a bikini to wow Instagram. The 23-year-old fitness queen, dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by Forbes in 2018, updated her account on Saturday for a little weekend pick-me-up. Sommer, followed by 25.4 million on her Instagram, had gone super-casual and outdoorsy. She also had questions over her "AVERAGE JOE'S" shirt – basically, if you know what it's from, you should hit her up. Check out the latest post below.

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Bikini Bombshell Wears A Little More Than Usual

Sommer Ray poses on a floor rug in a bikini

Scroll for the photos. They come as Sommer continues to make headlines for her mind-blowing workout body, with the past week seeing the Colorado native front media outlets after her Labor Day bikini got drenched – by a unicorn hose.

Today's photos showed Sommer outdoors, by plants, smiling, and looking super-fit. The stunner, whose little sister has recently made headlines for joining OnlyFans, was smiling and posing for a gallery of snaps showing her in tight jeans, plus a white-and-yellow "AVERAGE JOE'S" shirt which was, in some snaps, cheekily lifted for an ab flaunt.

Knows How To Caption A Post

Sommer Ray poses in jeans outdoors

A caption from Sommer kept it brief, and also interactive: "If anyone knows what this shirt's from, we're friends," the model wrote.

The post, sitting at over 150,000 likes by the time it was 20 minutes old, has yet to bring in a proper response.The "World's Hottest Weather Girl," Yanet Garcia, has replied with "BONITA!!!!" and heart-eye emoji. Others, meanwhile, sent out "Your hair!" and plenty of heart or fire emoji.

Sommer has been making headlines for the epic captions all summer. "Sommertime Sadness" was particularly popular as the blonde shouted out singer-songwriter Lana Del Ray. Scroll for more snaps.

Says She's Been Slacking

Sommer Ray poses for a swimsuit selfie indoors

Sommer, who this year ordered everything on the menu at In-N-Out and has filmed herself eating Chick-Fil-A, recently made headlines for stating she's been slacking on the diet and nutrition front.

"I’ve really slacked my diet & workout ish for the past 2 years but i’m really ready to go hard again.. lettttts gooo 😈 if you wanna get the best bod of your liiiiife with me, hit that link in my bio."

As The Blast reported, fans called Sommer out, saying she's mad fit, but the post likely proved worth the while as Sommer continues to promote her popular Sommer Ray's Shop clothing line.

All The Food On Her Instagram

Sommer Ray poses by a cupcake ATM

Sommer tends to post her foodie side via her stories, leaving the permanent updates for the killer figure-flaunting. Nonetheless, the model's penchant for snacking has been documented. The pandemic has seen Sommer eat nothing but Lucky Charms for all three meals two days straight, it's brought her snacking on Ruffles in a bikini while at an indoor beach party, and she's been stopping by those Sprinkles cupcakes ATMs.

Sommer has also made 2020 headlines for briefly dating 30-year-old rapper Machine Gun Kelly. She dumped the "RAP DEVIL" star on his 30th birthday.

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