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Ireland Baldwin poses for a selfie with her hair blowing around

Ireland Baldwin Stuns In Bikini That Doesn't Fit

By Rebecca Cukier

Ireland Baldwin's "incredible figure" was a headline well-picked as the 6 ft 1''' model put on her latest bikini display. Ireland, 24, and best known for being the daughter to Hollywood heavyweight Alec Baldwin, was snapped in a zebra-print bikini ahead of the weekend – one that didn't quite seem to fit the blonde beauty.

Ireland is fresh from celebrating six years free of anorexia and bulimia. She's also proven a target for trolls on social media this summer. Little to troll with these photos, despite the too-small top. Check it out below.

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Stunning Bikini Body From Eating Disorder Survivor

Ireland Baldwin poses indoors in a swimsuit

Scroll for the latest photos. Ireland, who was recently slammed for talking about "period bloat" while in a bikini – she was slammed over calling out the paparazzi then saying she doesn't care – was photographed on Friday while flaunting her swimsuit body in Malibu. Ireland, who has already channeled her inner "Tiger King" this month with a leopard-print bikini, had stuck to animal-print – zebra, this time, in red-and-black.

Photos showed Ireland in a street setting, also wearing flip-flops and carrying a denim jacket.

Nobody Wears Stuff That Fits These Days, Anyway

Ireland Baldwin poses for a swimsuit selfie outdoors

Click here for the photos – scroll for more. Ireland, who had gone high-waisted with bikini bottoms showing off her rose hip tattoo with plenty more on show, did appear to have picked a too-tight top, with some underboob flashing at the lower seams.

Ireland's swimwear looks this summer have largely proven headline-makers – especially with the paparazzi whom Ireland recently called "scum" in her scathing video. The model lashed out at both TMZ and The Daily Mail, also admitting she has no idea why she's photographed.

Backlash Over 'Period Bloat' Video

Ireland Baldwin poses in a bikini while kneeling

It's been five days and over 230,000 views since Ireland posted her "GREEN TEA" video addressing her body shape and tips for beating period bloat. Backlash on the star's Instagram wasn't so much over the bloat, though. The user picked up on Ireland saying she doesn't care about the cameras, writing:

"This is awful. I know you’re young and smart. But what you’re actually doing is making a gigantic video about how you don’t “care” when it’s clear that you do."

They then called Ireland in the "top 2% of the American genetic lottery."

She Claps Right Back, Says Not In Top 2%

Ireland Baldwin poses in a bathrobe for a selfie

The user, also saying they couldn't "relate" to Ireland's problems because of her "2%," found themselves replied to.

"I’m sorry but you are an awful human being. I’m not making any kind of gigantic video about how I don’t care and as I mentioned multiple times, Of course I care! It hurts my feelings."

Ireland then said she doesn't consider herself to be in the top 2%, adding she is grateful for her health, also that her video was simply to raise awareness.

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