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Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion Is The Hottest ‘Call Of Duty’ Player In Underwear & Full Gamer Headset

By Jeff Mazzeo

We want Megan Thee Stallion on our Call of Duty squad regardless of how good she is!

The "WAP" rapper delivered what some nerds claim is the sexiest picture she has ever shared on Friday. The stunning beauty posted a sultry snap of herself playing video games in a full gaming headset! What makes the pic even better is the fact that she is playing Call of Duty: Warzone, arguably the most popular video game right now. We are pretty sure she hates campers as well!

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Get In The Game

Megan Thee Stallion playing playstation.

Meg is an avid gamer and she always plays with minimal clothes on which is a plus. She did, however, express her frustration with the first-person shooter.

"Trying to learn how to play call of duty but the training part is kicking my a** 💆🏽‍♀️," the rapper captioned the sultry shot.

The picture quickly turned her millions of fans into the shoot first and ask questions later type of players. To top it all off, another beautiful artist wants to get in the game too.

"add meeeeee," Normani quickly commented.

In true nerd fashion, some followers tried to give her practical advice.

"Gotta go with the MP5, monolithic suppressor, and holo sight 👀," a delusional fan wrote.

Everyone knows that you have to use the Kilo right now because it has zero recoil, duh!

Check Out Her Fatality

Megan Thee Stallion playing Mortal Kombat

As we previously mentioned, Meg loves to play video games and showed off her Fatality while playing Mortal Kombat back in April. She threw a high kick while wearing the tiniest pair of boy shorts. She brought a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Finish Him!"

"I finally got mk11 I’m bout to learn how to beat everybody a** real quick 😂," she wrote at the time.

Meg, we would let you win every single time!

Something about the rapper makes other hotties want to pick up the controller and get down because Tinashe commented, "Ahhhhh sis we gon have to run it up."

'WAP' Video Remix

Megan Thee Stallion in an orange bikini.

Just when you thought that the music video for "WAP" couldn't get any hotter, Meg went and filmed a video remix that featured all her hot friends and a whole lot of a**! Meg stunned in an orange bikini while she shook what her mama gave her alongside several of her well-endowed girlfriends.

"It’s some hoezzz in dis houseeee," she wrote alongside the twerking video.

Cardi B didn't make an appearance in the remixed video but she did fully back it.. get it? She reposted the clip to her feed and gave her fans a safety warning.

"Don’t watch this video with out lotion," she joked before Meg quickly commented, "😛😛😛😛 I’m talking WAP WAP WAP."

Claws Out

Megan Thee Stallion's nails.

Hot Girl Meg knows that the best way for fans to check out her new manicure is by putting them on a ped-ASS-tal. She flaunted her killer black and white claws earlier this week.

"🤍🖤 new $et," she captioned the manicure pics.

Getting a manicure is one of her favorite things to do but even she admitted that it's a lot of work when all eyes are on you.

"I gotta switch up my style every week I gotta switch up my hair everyday 💧," she wrote on social media earlier this year.

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