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Colt's mother, Debbie, has been very active in his relationships on  ’90 Day Fiancé.'

’90 Day Fiancé’: Colt Admits His Mother Has To Stop Interfering In His Relationships In Preview Of New Episode

Colt Johnson- Instagram
By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

In the latest episode of ’90 Day Fiancé’ 'Happily Ever After?,' Colt was dumped by his girlfriend, Jess, after she found out that she has been texting eight other women. She also hated the fact that his friend, Vanessa, moved in with him and his mother, Debbie. Jess had been accusing Colt of having more than a friendship with Vanessa since their Brazil trip as well. Colt had encouraged Jess to visit him in Las Vegas but then, that's when the relationship finally crashed.

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Colt had been dating Jess on this season of 'Happily Ever After?'

Prior to the ending in Vegas, Colt had originally met Jess in-person in Chicago and their chemistry was amazing. Her friends were skeptical though due to the fact that Colt did not tell Debbie about Jess. They were also concerned about him still wanting to live with Debbie. Colt was nervous that Debbie would be skeptical about Jess due to troubles with his ex-wife, Larissa, who was Brazilian as well. Colt ended up telling Debbie about Jess and then they went to Brazil.

Colt finally admits that Debbie doesn't need to be involved in all of his relationships.

Debbie disapproved of how fast Colt and Jess were going when it came to starting a family during dinner with Jess' family. Jess later ended up getting mad at the hotel about Vanessa watching their cats back in Vegas. Jess then said she would go sleep with her ex-boyfriend.

Up to this point, Colt seems to finally be over Debbie always being involved in all of his relationships. In a preview for this week's episode, he discussed this with his friend, Steve.

Colt agreed with his friend in this week's episode that Debbie shoud not be so involved in his relationships.

"I know Debbie really comes from a good place in her heart, she has the best of intentions, “ Steve said. “But sadly, her interfering in these relationships is putting a lot of undue pressure and stress on Colt.”

Colt then quickly agreed that this change needs to come now with Debbie taking a backseat when it comes to being so active in who he dates. Colt understands how much Debbie cares for him as his mother but he realizes that he needs to make a change now.


“My mother loves me very much, but I think she just never wants to lose me,” Colt tells producers. “I need her less involved in my relationships — it’s very difficult to break a pattern, but I think the only way I can move forward is to just say no to her interference.”

This also comes in the midst of Colt's social media drama where he started an Only Fans account and reportedly leaked nude photos of Jess and Larissa. The two have since blasted him online for this.

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