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Miley Cyrus with chain necklace

Miley Cyrus Dedicates Cover Of 'Maneater' To 'Future Ex-Husband'

Instagram @Miley Cyrus
By Jacob Highley

Miley Cyrus has been absolutely dominating celebrity news these past two weeks. With sultry updates on her social media, the announcement of her new song “Midnight Sky” and frequent interviews discussing her divorce from Liam Hemsworth, the 27-year-old “Party In The USA” singer continues to impress.

Cyrus was featured on the cover of WSJ after hosting a tremendously successful podcast talk show on Instagram called “Bright Minded” that featured many popular celebrities and figures while the Coronavirus pandemic was at its height.

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Miley Cyrus performing music
Instagram @Miley Cyrus

Needless to say, Miley’s success has begun to skyrocket as she continues to appear as the primary influencer across multiple platforms of influence. Her latest interview and appearance on the Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon was simply dynamite!

She performed several songs while on the show, including a cover of the famous 1982 Hall & Oates hit “Maneater”. Fans thought it was incredible and showed of her vocal talent beautifully.

She had quite an interest bit to say about her performance and about what’s next for her.


Miley Cyrus on a talk show
Instagram @Miley Cyrus

When asked about what Miley sees in the future for herself, she shared that embracing who she is and her more mature image over the past decade has helped her evolve as a better music artist.

“I think it’s very important to be transparent. I’m freshly single, so anyone watching that’s my future ex-husband, just know, I told you. I’m just [like], just wear it all out in the open. There’s no skeletons in the closet, I warned you first.”

Her statements pairs perfectly with her performance of Maneater too, considering her previously mentioned divorce with Liam.

A Personal Song

Miley Cyrus on disco chain ball
Instagram @Miley Cyrus

Miley also sang her new song “Midnight Sky” on the show which has received a whole lot of love from fans and viewers. The song itself is an emotional one for Cyrus who put a lot of her life experience into the meaning of the song’s lyrics.

Specifically her short-lived marriage and her evolving into her own artist completely.

Fans shared how excited they were to see such epic developments for her, and left numerous comments congratulating her on her journey so far.

A Breakup With Love?

Miley Cyrus with red lipstick on
Instagram @Miley Cyrus

“In love with your new song ! Congrats 👑 “ (Commentator)

“The only thing better than the midnight sky is the performance right before it. 🤩 “ (Commentator)

“Wow you look gorgeous queen love you so much ♥️ “ (Commentator)

Cyrus posted about how she self-directed the music video for her new song, which comes just after her breakup with long-time boyfriend Cody Simpson.

The news has revolved around what actually happened, and Miley has previous stated that they are taking a break from each other, but are still friends.

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