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Gisele Admits Infamous Super Bowl Comments Were Booze Induced

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By TheBlast Staff on December 15, 2021 at 6:30 AM EST
Updated on December 15, 2021 at 8:41 AM EST

Gisele Bündchen isn't necessarily known for being vocal about the performance of her husband Tom Brady on the field. In fact, the Brady clan has, for the most part, been able to stay clear of controversies. Except recently when Tom Brady Sr. made comments about his son's exit from the Patriots. Oh yeah, and there was also that one time at Super Bowl XLVI when Gisele Bündchen was caught on tape saying that her husband couldn't throw and catch his own passes.

Still, these moments have been few and far between in a career that spans nearly two decades. In Tom Brady's series Man in the Arena, Gisele recalled her infamous comments. It turns out booze may have played a role in the ordeal.

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What Exactly Happened In Super Bowl XLVI?


A bit of a history lesson for context here. In Super Bowl XLVI in 2012 the New England Patriots, at the time quarterbacked by Tom Brady faced off against the New York Giants led by Eli Manning. Long story short the younger Manning got the best of Brady. The game featured a key play in which Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker dropped a ball that could've iced the game when he was seemingly wide open. For years, it's been speculated that this particular play was what lead Gisele Bündchen to say that her husband Tom couldn't throw and catch the ball. The supermodel though is now revealing that things were a bit more complicated than that.

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Gisele Recalls That It Was A Very Stressful Game

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That game between the Patriots and the Giants, according to Gisele, was one of the most stressful games that she's been at. So she admitted that she was having some wine in the box while watching. What potentially pushed Gisele over the edge though and led her to say what she said were a couple of drunk fans who heckled her. Coming up and taunting her for Brady's bad play on the field. The Brazilian painted the scene that went down before she made the comments saying,

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"I couldn't handle it was too much for me, it was a nail-biter, and I'm like drinking wine because I'm just trying to relax. it was the most stressful game ever, I think." She would then add,

"We have to walk to the freaking elevator. And these guys who probably had a few drinks on them as well were like, 'Your husband sucks, just tell him to go home and cry like a baby.' "

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Brady Had To Scold Gisele Back In The Hotel After The Comments, But She Doubled Down

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From the look of things Gisele's comments were certainly boozed induced. To be fair to Gisele not all of the booze that induced the comments was even consumed by her! After the game she told Tom what had happened. That quarterback literally had to scold his wife for the comments that she had made telling her that she couldn't say that. However, in the series Gisele doubles down on her comments saying,

"I thought I was like mild, what I said. I mean it's true, how can he do everything? He can't catch and throw the ball at the same time, that's just a fact,"

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