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Bear Brown covered in ash

'Alaskan Bush People' Bear Brown Shows Wildfire Still Raging Near Homestead

Bear Brown / Instagram
By Gary Trock

The wildfires raging across California, Oregon, and Washington have already resulted in multiple fatalities and thousands of people displaced from their homes, including the stars of "Alaskan Bush People." Bear Brown took to Instagram this week and revealed his family's homestead in Washington, is not out of harm's way yet as the nearby fires continue to burn the surrounding area.

The Discovery reality star has been traversing the terrain around Palmer Mountain and showing the devastation left by the fires.

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Cameras Were Rolling

Bear Brown near a wildfire
Bear Brown / Instagram

After speculation on whether "Alaskan Bush People" would cover the recent wildfires that ravaged the Brown family homestead, Bear answered the question when revealing that the Discovery show would be revealing exclusive footage of the family dealing with the wildfire. Bear told fans to tune into new episodes, "To see what’s been going on in the new season and to see exclusive footage of the wildfire that has swept through our mountain! It’s been CRAZY!"

The extreme reality star also showed himself standing near a flaming tree as the ground below burned bright red with the embers from the raging wildfire.

Fires Continue To Burn

Fire glowing over the mountain
Bear Brown / Instagram

Although the fire on Palmer Mountain is pretty much contained after weeks of burning, other nearby fires in Washington and Oregon continue to rage on. The Cold Springs Canyon Fire in Okanogan County has burned more than 140,000 and destroyed tons of farmland in its wake.

Bear revealed a photo on Instagram of the glowing fire that could be seen from his land, appearing to look like a rising sun off in the distance.

"The view from our mountain, you can see the fires burning in Omak! It’s crazy how much is burning!" he wrote.

The Brave Firefighters

Bear Brown with firefighters
Bear Brown / Instagram

"Alaskan Bush People" star Bear Brown has been paying tribute to the firefighters risking their lives battling the wildfires. In a recent photo, Bear shows that he met up with some of the Okanogan County firefighters and dropped a thankful message:

"I would like to give a very special thanks to all AWESOME firefighters!!! They are true heroes and truly make the world a better place! Without people like them, there wouldn’t be much of a world left! There are fires in so many places around the world it’s crazy! But everywhere there is a fire! There are also the heroes that fight it!!!! God bless!"

Celebrating Amid The Tragedy

Ami Brown
Alaskan Bush People / Instagram

Although the Brown family has been faced with the tragic wildfires, they did just recognize a big day as a family when matriarch Ami Brown celebrated her 57th birthday after battling and surviving cancer over the past years.

Bear paid tribute to his strong mother with a special birthday message on social media:

"Happy Birthday to my Mother!!! The strongest and most courageous women I’ve ever known!!!! We’ve had a pretty hard time the past few years, but we’ve also had some monumental moments! Mom has gotten the grandchildren she has always wanted! I feel very blessed to still have my mother with me and that she has gotten to see the Wolfpack grow even larger with grandchildren!!!! Through all the adversity we’ve faced we still stand together as a family! Even stronger because of it!!"

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