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Katie Holmes shirtless with jacket

Katie Holmes Shows PDA With New Boyfriend? Jamie Foxx Split Leads To Romance!

Instagram @Katie Holmes212
By Jacob Highley

Katie Holmes, best known for her time portraying the character Joey Potter on the television series Dawson's Creek, has recently been photographed enjoying herself greatly with someone who appears to be her newest boyfriend.

The former wife to Tom Cruise (split in 2012) had been officially dating actor-musician Jamie Foxx since 2013 but split in 2019. The split came as a huge shocker to long time followers who thought they made an excellent couple. But now people’s attention rests on this brand new love interest that has arisen very suddenly online.

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Love In SoHo

Katie Holmes black and white
Instagram @Katie Holmes212

The “Batman Begins” actress was photographed (with pictures visible here) showing her kissing and embracing a man named Emilio Vitolo Jr., who happens to be a chef at a celebrity hangout called Emilio’s Ballato in SoHo.

The 41-year-old theater actress is usually quite private about her love life, but as other outlets and fans have pointed out, it appears Katie has no intention of keeping her blossoming romance a secret.

It also became more public via different sources that she was going to publicly shame Foxx for his promiscuity and disloyalty, but decided to simply call things off.

Dozens Of Women Over The Years'

Katie Holmes getting her hair done
Instagram @Katie Holmes212

Here’s what one source said about her time with Foxx.

“Let everyone know their relationship ended because he betrayed her with dozens of women over the years. It broke everyone's heart to see her with a jerk like Jamie for so long. They love that she's finally sticking up for herself."

But as it turns out, Katie actually disavowed ever having the intent to publicly shame or expose her partners publicly. Gossip Cop checked with a representative of Katie’s and confirmed that this was true.

'I Like To Meet Poeple'

Katie Holmes on the red carpet
Instagram @Katie Holmes212

Holmes shared during an interview with Shape magazine that she enjoys variety and new experiences in her life above all else.

“That's the thing I like best about myself. I like to meet people and experience lots of things. I'm always up for new challenges.”

This lines up perfectly with her latest romantic exploits with Emilio as this would most definitely be a new experience for her. Currently not much more is known about their history expect on how they met.

Fans Like It... Even Just A Little


So far it has been reported that she met at the aforementioned celebrity hangout. They were first photographed together on September 1st while they dined together at a Mediterranean restaurant.

And as the reader already knows, they were seen together 5 days later showing serious PDA.

Fans have a mixed reaction when it comes to Holmes’ dating life, but the many of her followers think it is excellent for her to keep herself out there and finding happiness with someone who cares about her.

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