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Kate Beckinsale staring into the camera

Kate Beckinsale Roasts 'Karen' For Mask Jab In Wake of Dog's Death

Kate Beckinsale / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Kate Beckinsale is mourning the loss of her beloved dog, Ingrid, and she's also shutting down hateful comments from trolls who dare come to attack the star during such a vulnerable time. The "Underworld: Evolution" star took to Instagram on Wednesday night to announce that Ingrid had passed away at the ripe old age of 77 ... in dog years of course. Beckinsale shared a photo of herself with Ingrid as a puppy, as well as the last moments of the dog's life before she was euthanized.

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R.I.P. Ingrid

Kate Beckinsale with puppy Ingrid
Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

Beckinsale did not get specific about what was ailing her aging friend, but did provide a sweet eulogy for Ingrid:

"Ingrid 2009-2020. Heartbroken. She fought so hard for months. Fly safe our sweetest sweetest girl."

The first photo shows Beckinsale with Ingrid as a tiny little carry-on puppy, while the second photo is much more somber. Beckinsale, wearing a mask, cradles Ingrid in her arms presumably just before she was put to sleep.

Although many fans grieved with Beckinsale and sent condolences ... a few people took a moment to show their true colors.

Saying Goodbye

Kate Beckinsale wearing a mask while holding an aging Ingrid
Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

"Not sure you need to wear a mask for your dog," one fan cracked in the comments on Beckinsale's post.

The "Underworld" actress apparently saw the comment and personally responded to the online critic:

"No but the vet who came to euthanize her in my arms at home wore one and so did I is that ok with you," Beckinsale clapped back.

"What a f--king Karen," one fan responded in defense of Beckinsale.

"[Take] no notice of nonsense insensitive comments Kate - sending lots of love - our pets show us unconditional love and acceptance - seems to be a distinct lack of that in humanity these days..." another fan voiced in support.

Washing The Haters Out Of Her Hair

Kate Beckinsale in the bath
Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

Kate Beckinsale makes it a habit to not let Internet trolls get the last word in, and the actress recently delivered another epic burn to a troll

"Having a whale of a time," the actress wrote to her 4.4 million followers the other week while showing herself in a bath near a toy whale floating in the water.

"Do you set up a camera to take a shit too or do you have some poor assistant that has to follow you around all day to take pictures?" one hateful comment from a "fan" read.

The message didn't go unnoticed by Beckinsale, who personally responded to the filth.

"Neither. I also don't wake up and go on anyone's page I feel contempt for because that would be a waste of life," the star wrote.

Trolls Can't Handle The Heat

Kate Beckinsale in sunglasses
Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

Fans love feisty Kate Beckinsale and have been praising her for not letting trolls think they can spread around their negativity without any consequences.

The star's response to the bath troll garnered hundreds of comments from her true fans, with praise like, "imagine getting told off by one of the most beautiful women on earth! 🤣🤣🤣 what a tool!"

Another fan wrote, "well said Kate. Keep posting, I love you, you're gorgeous and sincere. I also love your cat, he's adorable."

Don't mess with Kate Beckinsale -- especially after she's lost a pet.

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