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An amazing photo showing Olivia Jade dressed in a crop top and black pant, with her hair slightly ruffled on one side of her face.

Olivia Jade Giannulli Spotted Partying Amid Parents’ Prison Sentences Drawing Near

Instagram | Olivia Jade
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Olivia Jade was spotted at a bar partying with other social media influencers and celebrities like Kylie Jenner. This is coming a few days before her parents begin their prison sentences.

The 20-year-old influencer no doubt has a lot of issues to deal with this period, but her bravery is commendable.

The event where she was spotted at, was a TikTok bash and several influencers were present. Some of them include; Dixie D’ Amelio, Madison Beer, James Charles and many more.

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Is Olivia Jade Friends With Kylie Jenner?

A photo showing Olivia Jade sporting a mini black dress and leather boots at a Sephoria event.
Instagram | Olivia Jade

Being a YouTuber and generally a social media celebrity opens a lot of opportunity to meet people, especially other celebrities.

Sometimes, this happens in passing or a mutual friend starts a conversation. Either way, it is very possible to meet influential people. There is not much known about Olivia and Kylie’s relationship, however the duo have partied together in the past.

In early March, the duo, with Kendall, Winnie Harlow and Diplo hosted a birthday bash at Delilah for Kylie’s ex-assistant, Victoria Villarroel.

Who Is Olivia Jade Giannulli?

A beautiful photo showing Olivia Jade in a green patterned chiffon dress, paired with a gold necklace.
Instagram | Olivia Jade

Olivia was born on September 28, 1999 to Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli. In 2018, after her graduation from Marymount High School, she applied to the University of Southern California.

Unfortunately, due to some misconduct on her parents part, she was pulled from the school, along with her sister, Isabella.

While she was in high school, Olivia began her YouTube channel, which got a lot of subscribers in no time. Then she proceeded to open an Instagram account, which now has over 1 million followers.

Why Was Olivia Jade Pulled From USC?

A beautiful photo of Olivia Jade at the beach, rocking a bralette and black skirt with star designs.
Instagram | Olivia Jade

In 2019, a report revealed that there were some fraudulent activities involved in the process of admission into USC.

Many parents were found guilty of this misconduct, including a famous figure like actress, Lori Loughlin. After the investigations had been duly carried out, Lori and her husband, Mossimo, a fashion designer, bagged some months in prison.

Lori was sentenced to two months for mail and wire fraud. She was also asked to pay a fine of $150,000 and commit to 100 hours of community service.

Mossimo on the other hand, bagged five months in prison for the same charges and was asked to pay a fine of $250,000. He was also told to complete a community service of 250 hours.

What Crime Did Olivia Jade’s Parent Commit?

A mirror selfie showing Olivia Jade in a black blouse and blue denim pant with a head-scarf.
Instagram | Olivia Jade

According to the reports, the paid the sum of $500,000 to a Rick Singer. The money was for Olivia and Isabelle to be hand-picked for USC’s crew team without questions.

The couple also made up a fake resume for Olivia, so she could get enrolled.

This act is frowned on at USC and immediately called for a legal action.

Presently, there has not been any report of the Giannulli sisters enrolling into another school and no one knows if they would want to.

What do you think they should do now? Tell us in the comment section below.

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