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Jade poses for a selfie in a striped shirt and hat

Tekashi 6ix9ine's Girlfriend Shows Bedroom Versace Curves While Calling Herself A 'Crip'

By Rebecca Cukier

Tekashi 6ix9ine's girlfriend Jade is dropping dangerous gang jokes on Instagram while showcasing her mind-blowing body and designer clothes. The former bartender and model who has been dating the "PUNANI" rapper since 2018 updated her Instagram super-late on Wednesday night. Jade went straight for the jugular by referencing the Crips gang – 24-year-old boyfriend 6ix9ine is, of course, known for his past with violent New York gang Trey Gangsta Bloods.

Jade, a known troller and still getting questioned over seemingly announcing she was "pregnant" over the summer, now sees her fans 100% getting the joke. Check it out below.

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'Wore Red Today Even Tho I'm A Crip'

Jade wearing a rainbow bikini on set

Fair warning – plenty more jokes to come. Jade's photo, seen below, came as a bedroom selfie. The Instagram star, real name Rachel Wattley, had chosen a full-on and head-to-toe red look. While the colors coordinate with the Bloods gang 6ix9ine was affiliated with, Jade was out to push the boundaries by wearing its signature red color – and shouting out rival L.A. gang The Crips, known for wearing blue.

Jade, recently gifted crazy expensive Gucci and a glittering diamond watch by Tekashi – real name Daniel Hernandez – had also gone high-end with Italian luxury brand Versace.

6ix9ine Testified Against The Bloods

Jade poses for a bedroom selfie in red

Keep scrolling for more photos, plus this girl's insane bikini body. Jade had snapped herself in red Versace sweatpants, a tight and striped red crop top flaunting her super-curvy waist, plus a red bucket hat to match fiery red hair. The bedroom selfie came captioned:

"I wore red today even tho I’m crip .... 🙄"

In February 2019, 6ix 9ine pled guilty to racketeering and firearms charges stemming from his days with the violent, Brooklyn-based Trey Nine Gangsta Bloods. His New York court testifying against the gang is largely assumed to have slashed his sentence by years – the rainbow rapper served only two.

'This Caption Got Me Dead'

Jade poses in a pink outfit in a bathroom

Jade, followed by 1.5 million on Instagram, had her followers lapping it up.

"This caption got me dead 💀 you said your a crip but your boy a blood 😂," a popular comment read.

Others referenced the rapper, with one fan writing: "Once you join bloods you die a blood. No way out a gang."

Jade is also no stranger to witty captions. In August, the model joked that she could "only fly private" because people wanted her man dead. This came as 6ix9ine dangerously trolled gang members in L.A., then repeating it in Chicago street alleys before visiting the city's notoriously dangerous O'Block. More after the video.

All Over His Music Video As New Album Called 'Garbage'

Tekashi 69 holds his girlfriend's rear in a photo

Tekashi released his post-prison "TattleTales" album on September 4, complete with its "TUTU" track and accompanying video that features model Blac Chyna in nothing but candy sprinkles and boots. The album's sales projections have plummeted amid fans dubbing it a poor release – 6ix9ine's own Instagram followers have called it "garbage," with rapper Blueface doing similar as he called the record "terrible."

Tekashi went on Instagram to claim that Apple Music and Spotify were blocking distribution of his new beats, admitting that he was in a "bad mood" over it.

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