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Kaley Cuoco at sunset

Kaley Cuoco Reveals First Childhood Role Alongside Jen Aniston

Kaley Cuoco / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Kaley Cuoco's career and life are going full circle as the actress was faced with the memory of her very first taste of Hollywood while showing up on set to resume production on a series that she is both starring in and executive producing. The former "Big Bang Theory" star took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon while showing up to a soundstage in NYC while working on her upcoming series, "The Flight Attendant."

While heading to her dressing room, Cuoco admitted she was stunned to see the movie poster located right outside.

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First Role Ever!

Kaley Cuoco lookin at Picture Perfect movie poster
Kaley Cuoco / Instagram

Cuoco explained that it was actually her first day on the particular soundstage when she saw a movie poster for the 1997 Jennifer Aniston rom-com, "Picture Perfect."

"First day at our new stages.. walked to my dressing room and what movie poster do I see framed right outside my door? ‘Picture Perfect’ starring @jenniferaniston .. little known fact this was one of the first ‘parts’ I was ever cast in as a kid, I was the last name in the credits (credited as ‘little girl’)" Cuoco revealed.

They Cut Her Line!


Kaley Cuoco added:

"when I saw the movie , they had cut my one line, but all I remember is spending the entire day convincing myself to tell Jen how much I loved her. (Friends was my life at that point) She was a gem to me then and a gem to me now (and to everyone she knows) funny to see this full circle moment. You never know where life will take you , or who’s life you will touch along the way 💫"

Always Hustling

Kaley Cuoco drinking coffee
Kaley Cuoco / Instagram

Cuoco has been working hard through her career, and recently had to take a 14-day quarantine upon returning to NYC to finish production on her first season of "The Flight Attendant."

The highly-anticipated HBO Max series is extremely important to Cuoco, as it is the first major production she's involved with after wrapping up her long-running tenure on CBS' "The Big Bang Theory." Cuoco said that she was searching for the "perfect project" when she came across the story for "The Flight Attendant."

Making Big Moves

Kaley Cuoco and co-star on set of The Flight Attendant
Kaley Cuoco / Instagram

"I've been looking at books and stuff to maybe produce or different stories that kind of were interesting to me but nothing excited me," she explained during the TCA's earlier this month.

Cuoco also admitted that she didn't exactly read the entire book of "The Flight Attendant" before making a move to legally lock up the rights for a show.

"And honestly, I read one little snippet, a line of the book on Amazon – it just was one sentence and I got this weird chill and I called my team and said, 'Hey, I've got to look at the rights for this book.’ And I was like, 'Oh yeah, I totally read the book.' I had not read the book, but something had told me to jump on this."

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