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Carmen Electra taking a selfie

Carmen Electra Stuns In Vibrant Dress During Backyard Photo Shoot

Carmen Electra / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Carmen Electra is helping everyone get through hump day by taking to her Instagram and dropping some fire during an impromptu photo shoot. The former "Baywatch" star shared the snap to her social media feed and quickly racked up thousands of likes from her over 1 million followers.

"Moving past our summers together with sweet memories," Electra captioned her smoldering photo.

The iconic Playboy model has been soaking up the last bits of summer and sharing some of her favorite moments with fans over the last few months.

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Future So Bright

Carmen Electra wearing a pink and orange dress
Carmen Electra / Instagram

The former "Scary Movie" star was serving up fire in her latest look, which was created with the help of celebrity makeup artist, Preston Meneses. Wearing a vibrant-colored dress with pink and orange hues bordered by thick black lines, 48-year-old Electra confidently looked into the camera while being backlit by the warm Southern California sun.

The temperatures have been soaring near L.A. as residents sought cooler refuge from the hot rays, while the temperatures have contributed to raging wildfires in both California and Oregon.

Looking Back

Carmen Electra scene from Baywatch
Carmen Electra / Instagram

While having summer travel restricted during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Hollywood only now starting to kick production back up, Carmen Electra has been taking the quarantine time to reflect on her illustrious career. One of the things she's focused on is her time on "Baywatch" in the iconic role of Lani McKenzie.

During a recent Instagram post, Electra spoke about the progression of women in Hollywood compared to that of a decade ago.

"This was a time when u would be judged for having-a thicker body ! It’s beautiful to see how things have changed & all shapes & sizes are loved ❤️🙏🏼 lovin the ladies ❤️ keep it up," Electra wrote.

'The Last Dance'

Carmen Electra in a bikini
Carmen Electra / Instagram

Carmen Electra has seen a resurgence in fame in 2020 after the premiere of "The Last Dance," the documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Electra was heavily featured in a few episodes due to her relationship with Dennis Rodman, and her Google searches shot up after she appeared in the documentary looking amazing.

Speaking to the L.A. Times about her time with Rodman, Electra recently said, "I have no regrets at all ... I saw all these different sides of Dennis. He would always say, ‘No one understands me. No one gets me.’ He was very emotional at times. Then there was the sweet romantic side and the fun, eccentric guy who loved to go out and drink and wear feathered boas."

Electra added, "But on the court, he was a savage."

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