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Salma Hayek in a yellow dress

Salma Hayek Pays Tribute to 'Jewish Brother' Adam Sandler

Salma Hayek / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Salma Hayek sent a sweet message to Adam Sandler on his 54th birthday and admitted that if the "Grown Ups" star had been born a week earlier in a different part of the world the two definitely would have been related. Hayek took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon and paid tribute to Sandler, as the two have been working together on two huge movies, "Grown Ups" and "Grown Ups 2." Along with her Bday message, Hayek also shared one of the funniest scenes they shared onscreen.

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Happy Birthday!

Adam Sandler in an interview

"You’ve been my boss, my movie husband, my dearest friend," Hayek began her message to the "Happy Gilmore" star.

She added, "... and if you had been born one week earlier, in Coatzacoalcos, #Veracruz, you could have been my twin. You have always been a wise man, but you will never be old, you will always be a responsible but beautiful child. I love you my Jewish brother! 🎂 Happy birthday!"

The caption was also translated into Spanish and was featured alongside the hilarious scene from "Grown Ups 2" that features Sandler taking a golden shower from a deer.

Having Fun On Set

Salma Hayek in sunglasses
Salma Hayek / Instagram

Salma Hayek and Adam Sandler have enjoyed years of success in Hollywood, and the "From Dusk Til Dawn" actress made it clear way back in 2010 that she was a fan of the Sandman.

In an interview with Collider during the first run of "Grown Ups," Hayek talked about how excited she was to work with Sandler.

"I said yes to this movie because, from the beginning, I was an Adam Sandler fan and I really liked the movie. Now, of course, the main focus of my life is my family, and that does change things and the choices that you make."

Work Wife


Hayek added, "You want to do movies that your children can watch, and that your children can have fun at and enjoy the experience of shooting. It doesn’t get better than this movie for that. I love the movie. I’m proud of it."

The chemistry between Hayek and Sander is undeniable, and the two even did interviews together when out promoting "Grown Ups 2" and joked together like an actual married couple.

When asked about working with Hayek, Sandler told a media outlet, "When the cameras are rolling she's loving, she's sweet, she's feisty, good kisser."

He added, "When they call cut she's angry, she storms off quickly."

"He loves it," Hayek responded.

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