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Demi Rose

Demi Rose's Dior Stripper Boots Were Made For Walking All Over You

By Jeff Mazzeo

Just in case Demi Rose wanted to stomp all over your heart, she now has the boots to do so!

The beautiful model showed off her dominant side on Tuesday by sharing some stunning snaps that featured some sultry black leather boots. Demi leaned back like a boss while posing in an extremely lowcut bodysuit by Fashion Nova and knee-high boots by Dior. As the classic song Nancy Sinatra song goes, "One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!"

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Suited And Booted

Demi Rose in knee-high Dior leather boots.

Rose called her latest model shots a "Masterpiece 🖤" and we tend to agree. She worked on the fabulous snaps with creative director, Loan Love and the fans are really enjoying the collaboration.

"ABSOLUTE FIRE !!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥" an excited follower commented while another said, "Babe, I can’t cope with your sass 🔥."

"Such a nice couch," a third fan joked (nobody was looking at the couch).

Of course, some followers took it a little too far. "You are such a pure Masterpiece of the universe 🌹everything you do is the most luxurious art ☯️❤️," a delusional fan wrote.

Avid Reader

Demi Rose in black leather boots.

The young influencer is an avid reader (at least of picture books) and often features them in her pictures. She was seen laying on her side checking out a black and white photo book about body art in her latest post. Earlier this week, she worked with Loan Love and posed with a picturesque picture book that took up several pixels. The specific pixels happened to cover her top in order to make the photo Instagram safe.

"Viviendo mi mejor vida 💛 @lolo_creativ (Living my best life)," Rose captioned her literature heavy post.

For those actually interested in what her new favorite book is all about, it is a photography book dedicated to the beautiful scenery, colorful characters, and iconic landmarks of Demi's home, Ibiza. "Ibiza Bohemia" was published in 2017 by author and famed fashion photographer, Renu Kashyap and travel writer, Maya Boyd.

Sweeter Than Honey

Demi Rose in a black bikini.

Rose is constantly working on herself so it's okay if she wants to brag a little bit every now and again. In addition to calling her lastest post a "Masterpiece 🖤" she was recently very complimentary about her own personality.

"Sweeter than 🍯," she wrote alongside some scantily clad pics that featured herself in a black bikini by Pretty Little Thing.

"I need some of that honey in my tea," a creepy follower commented but we can all relate on some level.

The Golden Hour

Demi Rose in a blue swimsuit.

There are two reasons to move to Ibiza, the sunsets and Demi lives there (don't actually go there looking for her). One of the reasons she loves living on the "Magic Island" is the golden hour which provides a golden opportunity for sweet pics. She noted that the early evening is her favorite time.

"The song of Atlantis 🐬💜 Sunsets are my favourite time of the day 🥰," she captioned yet another series of hot photos.

Didn't you know that she is practically a mermaid?

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