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Farrah Abraham looks amazing with daughter at an event and they look super excited.

Farrah Abraham Gets Roasted Online For Labor Day Outing With Daughter Sophia

By Favour

Farrah Abraham is once again at the receiving end of an online controversy followed by rapid backlash. The former "Teen Mom" star's actions, has a way of getting on the nerves of her followers.

Although some of them rarely mean what they saw, there are others who take it on themselves to troll her no matter what.

The mother-of-one shared a beautiful post on Instagram today, featuring her and her daughter, Sophia.

Some critics said she mis-spoke on what Labor day truly meant.

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Farrah Abraham Is An Attentive Mom

A lovely photo of Farrah Abraham teaching her daughter how to play tennis and they both look incredible.

Celebrities are often very busy that they have else time to spend with their kids. They're either traveling through different countries to shoot films or working on several projects in different parts of the country.

This means that when it comes to time and schedule, celebrities often have packed days and that includes not seeing their kids.

However, there are some famous people who make time for their kids at all cost. Farrah is that kind of celebrity. She is very attentive when it comes to her child and pays attentions to detail.

Farrah Abraham Faces Backlash

Farrah Abraham looks awesome in this white Tee with multicolored pant and belt, carrying a DJ mixer.

Recently, Farrah shared a post on [Instagram] (, in celebration of the iconic Labor Day. She captioned the post dying;

"#LaborDay for all who work and never take a day off!"

Initially, this post seemed to fa on the wrong side of some nerves as some critics immediately took to their comment section to speak about their displeasure with the post.

While some of them were worried about how Farrah used the Labor Day phrase, others were concerned about her daughter. Wither way, she did not receive the prettiest words ever spoken on Earth.

Some Fans Defended farrah Abraham

A photo showing Farrah Abraham in a mini-short and crop-top, sitting pretty in a white horse.

It almost seems like whenever Farrah posts on social media, there are people who will be against it, no matter what it is. By this time, she is no longer a stranger to trolls who will come at her for any reason at all.

Amid the recent backlash, some of her fans came to her defence, stating that she is a very sweet mom.

"She lovers her daughter and it shows. People need to unfollow if you're just here to bring Farrah down." One user commented on n the post.

Trolls Were Worried About Farrah's Daughter

A lovely photo of Farrah Abraham in a Tiger print trunk, sitting in a field full of yellow flowers.

In the comment section of the post, some users started asking questions about the time Farrah spends with her kid.

One user said;

"Does yor daughter have friends? Ugh I feel bad for Sophia.

There were also similar comments from other users, saying that the time Farrah spends with her kid is a bit excessive.

Taking from her Imstaheam page, Farrah spends almost every time she has, bonding with her child or out on a business trip. When they're not on an helicopter ride, they're either getting a facial or visiting somewhere special.

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